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ADD/ADHD Testing ...

So I was supposed to go tomorrow for ADD/ADHD testing but I cancelled it.  Not sure what to do.  I was going to meet with a psychologist to get tested.  I have been suffering from depression and anxiety all my life and it has gotten a bit out of control and hormonal imbalance.  So I thought I would deal with that first before getting tested for ADD/ADHD!!  Not sure what to do now???  Who do I see to get tested a psychologist or pscyhiatrist?  Do I need to find someone who is specialized in ADD/ADHD or just a general psychiatrist to help me with my anxiety and depression????


See someone, anyone to at least get started; even if it’s your family doctor. I went to a testing center and had a full day of tests - it was exhausting. At the end they confirmed what I suspected, and added that the grade school report cards they requested I bring along almost made the diagnosis by themselves. You will feel so much better once you make the first move.

Posted by sallyj on Jan 13, 2014 at 5:05am

Depending on your symptoms and what you are able to “prove” with documentation, you might not need testing at all. Yes, really!

I had done a lot of research on ADD before I ever went to a doctor.  I had gathered my school report cards from 1st through 12th grade.  (My mother had kept them!).  I even brought a copy of my employment history with me.  The doctor reviewed what I had and agreed that I was dealing with ADD.  He did ask me to test to determine what the bigger issues were for me.  I took a couple of computer tests.  After he reviewed the results and had been able to read my other items, he diagnosed me as “ADD Inattentive Type” and he said that I had some features of the “hyper-active” type.  I had already learned how to deal with the hyper stuff, so our focus with the medications and therapy aspects were with the things that were giving me difficulty.

Start where you are.  Talk openly and honestly with the doctor.  Do not hold things back out of embarrassment.  He/she is there to help you.

Posted by Dianne in the Desert on Jan 13, 2014 at 5:22am

I was diagnosed by an adhd specialist but the psychologist feels my depression and anxiety overshadows and reinforces the symptoms of adhd. Hence she is treating them not adhd at this time.

There is great book titled Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by Burns, very insightful read.

Posted by ahimsa on Jan 13, 2014 at 6:08am

@Ahisma that is exactly what one psychiatrist told me. That is why I am wondering should I get tested or not.
Thanks everyone!

Posted by hawaii92 on Jan 13, 2014 at 6:54am

hawaii92, based on my years of experience in the mental health system, I would suggest you go see a psychiatrist about ALL your issues: the depression, the anxiety, and the ADHD.  Any competent psychiatrist treats the more disabling condition first, which in your case would be your depression and anxiety.  Once those are under control, treatment of your ADHD can begin.  You may be referred to a psychologist for testing or you may not.  I was never “officially” tested, but my doctor and psychologists and psychiatric nurses and mental health technicians had observed me in many situations and could clearly confer that I had ADHD.  I also have Schizoaffective Disorder - Bipolar Type and periodic anxiety.  My doctor treated the Schizoaffective first, then added on ADHD meds once the picture of my behavior became clearer.  Your family doctor can only do so much with medication for depression, anxiety, and ADHD, because that is not their specialty.  But if you need a referral to see a psychiatrist, then by all means make an appointment with your family doctor to get one.

Good luck!  Keep us posted!

Posted by LittleD1981 on Jan 13, 2014 at 7:48am

I am trying to find a good psychiatrist and having a rfeal hard time doing that.

Posted by hawaii92 on Jan 13, 2014 at 7:49am

Finding a doctor can be difficult.  The only way to do that is to visit with them with the understanding that you will have to make your case clear in the first few visits or you will have wasted time and money.

You want one who is a good “fit” for you, but you also need to make sure that the two of you are on the same page regarding your treatment.

Most psychiatrists will want to treat the depression and get that under control first.  Quite often, when the depression is leveled out, the anxiety goes away.  That clears the way for working on the ADD.

It is a process.  It is never going to happen in one visit or with one prescription.  It is a trial and error thing.  You want optimal treatment; not bandaid measures.

Posted by Dianne in the Desert on Jan 13, 2014 at 8:16am

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