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Depression and ADHD

ADD/ADHD testing ...

So I was supposed to go tomorrow for ADD/ADHD testing but I cancelled it.  Not sure what to do.  I was going to meet with a psychologist to get tested.  I have been suffering from depression and anxiety all my life and it has gotten a bit out of control and hormonal imbalance.  So I thought I would deal with that first before getting tested for ADD/ADHD!!  Not sure what to do now???  Who do I see to get tested a psychologist or pscyhiatrist?  Do I need to find someone who is specialized in ADD/ADHD or just a general psychiatrist to help me with my anxiety and depression????


In my personal opinion, I would call and see if you can reschedule the appointment, even if it’s at a later date. If you have ADHD and are treated, it will SO help you understand your anxiety and depression.

Personally I would test for that *first.*

I would find a psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD, even if it’s one for children. We took my son to be diagnosed, it was a long session with about 150 questions. She was able to more or less pinpoint some things that he was struggling with.

This wonderful doctor has ADHD herself and was so very helpful. Hang in there.

Posted by chrisd on Jan 14, 2014 at 7:27pm

I would definitely get tested for ADHD, and preferably by a Psychologist who specializes with adhd in children. 

My son was diagnosed first, and that led to me being tested.  The testing is NOT A QUESTIONAIRE!

It is VERY interesting, covers lots of different ways of learning/testing and can give you a very good idea of your IQ.  (for instance, listening skills, number skills, memorization, etc…)  My son’s is 128 - w/o medication!  Imagine if he didn’t make the simple mistakes that an inattentive adhd person makes! 

It also showed where my challenges were, compared to my son.  I am hyper, he is inattentive.  And I have an auditory problem…I could not recall basic facts of a story told to me.  It was awful.  My brain “hurt” during that part of the exam.

It costs around $500 or more and takes 2-3 hours, done over 2-3 one hour sessions.  It is not usually covered by insurance.  But it is sooo worth it.

This all led to me working with my regular therapist, my regular doctor - then ultimately a psychiatrist for the meds because my doc didn’t feel comfortable treating me.  And now I am ready to tackle more ADHD strategies.

It has been 3 years (Jan ‘11) since diagnosis.  I still have depression and anxiety issues along with typical ADHD challenges.  But they are managed, and better.

Most importantly though,  I am no longer beating myself up on a daily, hourly, minute by minute basis of “what is wrong with me?  Why can’t I get anything accomplished?  Why did I just say that?  Why am I so unorganized?”....

Oh - and just so you know - I am 48, a CPA, mom to 2 kids, and married - but not happily…still working on that one…. ; - }

Posted by amusicmom on Feb 01, 2014 at 8:06pm

I think that amusicmom is talking about a neuropsychological exam. We also had our son tested by a neuropsych and the cost was all out of pocket.

It was intensive and helpful for the school and very, very expensive, much more than $500, at least in the Chicago area. The doctor made a report with suggestions to the school to better accommodate his problems. Our insurance covered nothing; we had his testing done about 2 years ago.

FYI, the psychiatrist did indeed give us a questionnaire *for our son* and it was about 150 questions.

I only meant to give suggestions. I did not want to imply that I have all the answers that you needed and hope that you will be able to use anything from my personal experience.

Posted by chrisd on Apr 05, 2014 at 10:15am

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