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I never been diagnosed but know I have ADD. In school my parents were told I was lazy and I didn’t care, my desk was a complete mess and so was my work. I never knew about this disorder until my son was diagnosed with it a few years back. I am struggling bad. I have worked with my dad for 20 years and have not had to deal with other employers but now my dad has been diagnosed with parkenson’s disease and is handing the business over to me. I am a mess, my desk is a mess, I want to get on some meds, some friends that have the same have and they are so much better. What do all of you suggest. Nobody understands me, migraines, ADD, it is a losing battle.


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First things first: start seeing an ADHD specialist and get treatment. ADHD won’t improve unless you address it. Here’s info on choosing the right professional:, and information on treating ADHD:

Many adults with ADHD are successful entrepreneurs, in part, because they hire help. If you can hire an assistant who is very organized, their strengths will complement areas where you are weak and keep things running smoothly. An ADHD Coach can help you tailor systems and strategies to manage successfully too, if an assistant is out of the question:

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Posted by adhdmomma on Apr 24, 2017 at 12:33pm

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