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ADHD in Men


My name is Jason, I am divorced with two teen kids, girl 16 and boy 14. My son is adhd struggling in school and on Strattera. I have never been diagnosed with add but was always told in school I was lazy and I didn’t care. I struggled in school more so than my son does. I did not go to college because of this fact. I never knew about add/adhd until my son was diagnosed. I am taking over my family business and afraid I will run it into the ground if I don’t get some kind of medication. I see people I know that have been diagnosed and on meds doing so well. I am a mess. People tell me to make lists and take your time or do one thing at a time, none of these people understand what I am going through. I also suffer from migraines, again something nobody understands unless they have them. I think I could better help my son if I got help myself. Who in the Sylvania/Toledo area is good?


Hello Ice Cream Man!

Until I was officially diagnosed with ADHD in November of 2015, I had no idea what caused me to fail exams constantly in school or to under-perform at work year after year.

I am now approaching 70 years of age, a retired banker and living alone, mainly because my former wife of 40 years could not live any longer with my depression, anxiety & other ADHD symptoms.

My advise to you is to see a good neuropsychologist who can administer the 6 hours of mental testing to diagnose and report your ADHD to your regular family doctor. That way, your doctor can prescribe an effective ADHD treatment medication, as has mine. You’ll feel and act so much better!

Best of luck to you and your son.

Posted by Mormon Boy on Apr 21, 2017 at 9:42pm

Great user name “icecreamman23”!  wish I thought of it….

If your son was recently diagnosed, I think you could ask his counselor about getting yourself tested.  But if they can’t or of the belief that ADHD is only a children’s condition that is outgrown, start with your family doctor on getting tested.  (Sadly there are a lot of misinformed professionals that still believe this and we are working on getting the message out that there are adults that struggle with this every day.) 

I’ll give you my experience on getting on meds.  My son was diagnosed with combined ADHD and Aspergers when he was 7 (now 20) and I mentioned to his counselor back then that I had the same issues when I was his age and still have issues at work and home. He told me I should be tested and to arrange it through my family doctor.  I made an appointment with my doc and explained my troubles and he gave me a short question and answer exam to which he said I scored 7 out of 12 as probable ADD and he referred me to a psychiatrist that gave me a battery of tests to take.  It was on a Saturday and took about five hours. The Psychiatrist did not take insurance so I had to pay him the full amount of $500. The results came back as positive diagnosis of Adult ADD Inattentive type.  With this diagnosis from a licensed psychiatrist, I was now able to get a prescription from my family doctor.  I take Adderall tabs twice a day.  I also see a counselor every other week to discuss my issues.  The meds do help me stay focused and energized, but still have to work on staying organized and keeping on a schedule.  Pills cannot fix those issues.  I wish you luck.

Posted by spage_hasADD on Apr 22, 2017 at 12:33am

Thank you guys for your insight and knowledge. Despite having a great family I often feel very alone, Overwhelmed and stupid. I am so happy I found this site. Thank you so much. Now, on with the testing to improve my life and everyone else’s lives around me.

Posted by icecreamman23 on Apr 22, 2017 at 5:21pm

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