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ADD and/or 'mid-life crisis'

At almost 50 years of age, a high school teacher for the last 14 years I’m SUPER frustrated (and depressed, and have been feeling hopeless…) with being more late than early; for work itself, each class, deadlines…especially when I see so many less ‘bright’ and younger doing so much better.


I strongly suggest you go see a ADD psychiatrist as soon as you can get an appointment. I was just diagnosed at 44 and it probably was just in time to save me from walking out on all aspects of my life. ADD can feel utterly overwhelming, hopeless, and extremely frustrating - without the proper treatment and support. Plus sometimes family and friends, and colleagues think we’re just ‘lazy’ or ‘disengaged’....

BUT the good news is that medications/ + exercise + support etc all can help. I take Ritalin and it helps put my brain in gear. These are some of the other symptoms if you recognize any:

- racing thoughts or paralyzed ones
- hyper focus on irrelevant things
- constant overwhelm
- being able to do something one day but not the next
- constantly feeling stupid but not (have a post graduate degree/professional)
- never getting anything done on time or sub-par
- taking 3x as long to do a simple task
- 10 versions of the same document or presentation
- avoiding social interactions - esp when tired because the words coming out of my mouth make no sense

Lastly - and I say this realizing that I need to sleep (good sleep really does help/hinder). But one thing may also be impacting is that you (like all of us ‘digital immigrants’) may benefit from more PD - especially if technology is part of the problem. I’ve worked the past few years with ed tech and have seen some cases where teachers aren’t supported in learning how to use tech effectively in the classroom (but the students do…).

This is way to long, but rather than spend more time to edit it…time for sleep.

Posted by Marsig on Feb 10, 2014 at 1:41pm

It does sound like you need some outside support right now.  There are little things you can do daily to help raise up serotonin/dopamine levels to make life a little easier:

Try making sure you are eating a good protein based diet, especially at breakfast this helps raise up serotonin levels. 

Also I found supplements helpful to give my body extra support i.e. Vitamin B6, B12, Fish Oil, Magnesium and Zinc. 

Daily exercise (30-60 minutes) will help raise of dopamine levels.

There is a great book by Dr. John Gray “The Diet and Exercise Solution” that I found very helpful.  Serotonin and Dopamine are natural feel good chemicals we have in our bodies.  Sometimes they get impaired and not at the optimals levels that they should be and we can do things on our own to raise them up.

I also want to say I had great success with Ritalin like the person who posted previously. 

Good luck finding your own answers to help you feel better.  This is a great site for support!


Posted by Mitzi Maine on Feb 19, 2014 at 4:48pm

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