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Anxiety and ADHD


I have been diagnosed with the above diagnoses.  The PTSD came after being bullied at work (I wasn’t the only one).  I hung on the longest (3 years).  The other employees quit within the first 3 months.  It is a corporate ploy to get employees to quit so they do not have to pay unemployment.  They chose employees to bully who have been there the longest (more money, more benefits), and then they hire replacements.  My counselor said the PTSD is from every day wondering what was going to happen (like in a concentration camp).  Because of this, my other symptoms elevated - had to change antidepressant, more anxiety medication, plus I get more migraines.  I just wanted to relay this message to others to beware.  My whole life has changed.  I am receiving unemployment.  I had to cash in my 401K.  We applied for heat assistance.  I have to still see a counselor and a psychiatrist and pay cash (lost health insurance).  I was thinking of applying for disability, but the disability specialist I spoke with said, “A judge will laugh at you for trying to get disability for ADHD”.  I thought that was mean.  She said I could keep track of my migraines.  I have been applying 4 times weekly for employment.  I believe I can only work part-time now.  I really do not want to take advantage of disability.  I worked for this company 24 years and always had excellent reviews.  The bullying/harassment changed me.  I am more irritable now, low self-esteem, plus all the symptoms of my diagnoses.  I have to pay cash for my medications.  I am not feeling sorry for myself, but feel that the treatment I received at work totally through me off.  Bullying at work is not illegal.  To let everyone know, there is a bill called “The Healthy Workplace Bill” passed already in some states.  It is to put an end to bullying at work.  It needs to be passed into the “Healthy Workplace Law”.  I try to spend time working on talking/writing to Senators, Congressman, etc. so the bill will pass.  I also have a hard time with bullying not being harassment (I believe they are the same).  Bullying, I have heard, is more underhanded and hard to prove. 

Has anyone else come across this situation?  Or, does anyone have any suggestions? 

I am also working with Vocational Rehabilitation at Job Service - but no luck in a job. 

I just think the bullying/harassment is a horrible thing for children and adults. 

If interested, you can read about bullying in the workplace on  I had never heard of this type of behavior before.  Thank you.


Most people with adhd have fibromyalgia also, and the fibro is a disability.  My Aunt has fibro and collects disability and free housing, she’s a wonderful person too, yes she also has adhd.  Most doctors like to pretend fibromyalgia and adhd don’t exist so find a good doctor and good luck.  I luckily don’t have fibromyalgia I don’t have an aches or pains

Posted by BexIssues on Nov 16, 2013 at 1:49am

I work for attorneys and bullying / harrassment is very prevalent.  Fortunately, I now work at a firm where that type of treatment would not be acceptable. 

The best thing to do is find a job that is low stress and manageable with your symptoms.  It may mean not doing what you are used to doing vocationally, but it will build your self-esteem.  Staying home on disability will not do that.  That’s easily said, I realize, but I do believe it. If I were to get laid off because of my inability to focus, retain and other ADHD issues, I plan on not going back to an office job - but finding something that comes naturally to me, something that does not require so much time spent in front of a computer, where things tend to get fuzzy and my brain glazes over.  Hopefully, with the help I’m getting from essential oils, I will not lose this job.  Only time will tell.

Good luck, and if disability is really what you want/need - then I pray you are successful!


Posted by Rrite on Nov 18, 2013 at 11:54pm

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