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Parents of ADHD Children

ADHD and ODD Child with Jealousy. Someone help!!!!

My three year old son was dignosed with ADHD and ODD back in April and he was put on Tenex and it was working very well. My husband, my son and I live with my in-laws and my mother-in-law was great with our son, until september when our nephew was born. Our son had a special bond with my mother-in-law because she watched him while we were at work everyday. However, when our nephew was born all the attention turned to the new baby and my son feels neglected by his maw maw because she now watches the new baby everyday and he for the most part has to come to work with mommy (I work in a family owned business so it isn’t a problem if I bring him to work). He only gets to stay home every once in a while and when he does I get calls about how horrible he is being and I know its because she doesn’t pay attention to him when the baby is there, even when the baby is sleeping. It’s almost like “okay he’s old enough to play by himself so all I have to do is feed him and make sure he takes a nap”. So I know a lot of his outbursts are because of this but we try to explain this to her and it’s like it just doesn’t sink in. So lately I have been trying to convince my son to just come to work with me, but he still wants that one on one time with his maw maw but she will not give it to him. His outbursts (explosive temper tantrums) are getting worse can anyone help me?


That is a tough one. I would try to change tactics with your mother on law. Have you tried to appeal to how much your son loves and needs HER and how important SHE is as an influence instead of focusing on your son. Clearly she is being self serving and doing what she likes most which is taking care of a baby. If at this point she is not concerned with your sons well being she probably never really will over and above her own needs.

And this is reality. This is a hard lesson to learn that relationships don’t stay the same forever. Better to learn it at three than thirty. Anyone with ADHD will have a lifetime of revolving doors most likely. Best for him to learn to cope now.

Posted by YellaRyan on Dec 19, 2013 at 3:44am

My 6yr old ADHD son has a 5 yr. old sister and now a new born sister. He is acting up quite a bit at home but not at school. His meds do not seem to make a difference when he is at home and around the new baby, because his behavior is incontrollable temper tantrums). I know he’s jealous of the baby so how can we reassure him that he is still so precious to us no matter how many kids are in the family.

Posted by carefull on Dec 21, 2013 at 3:35am

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