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ADHD and too much thinking

Unfortunately I´ve ADHD. I struggle with concentrating, got bad memory, sleep problems and am often very lost.
There is another problem: I´m stuck in my head and
cann´t stop thinking. My thoughts are my worst distraction. When im driving im thinking and consequencely not attentive, when im doing laundry im thinking, when im in bed trying to fall a sleep im thinking.
Does anyone else with adhd have this same problem?


Unfortunately yes. I would say most if not all people with ADHD to varying degree’s have thoughts that seem to be out of control.

Posted by Rancher John on May 02, 2014 at 11:59pm

Yup, ever since I can remember. No off switch or speed control for my brain unless extreme fatigue, illness or some medication from OTC meds like benadryl or prescription tranquilizers slow me down. Until I tried the Adderall. Works far better than benzos or antidepressants ever did. More like I have some speed control and my mind will slow down at night when it wears off making sleep better.
Hard exercise is the only other thing that helps. Very mentally demanding tasks may temporarily overload me and I may crash but that tends to have some rebound and is tiring. Things like learning a new skill—I took up hand drumming and the early lessons, practice and playing with others would leave me this way until my skills built up enough.
Melatonin or 5htp tryptophan can help me some at night but sometimes left me feeling groggy. One other thing I’ve found that helps memory, focus and attention and is somewhat calming in an OTC supplement called Noopept.
I use it as an adjunct to my Adderall for some activities. I started it before the A. It is not in any way a stimulant effect on me. I can’t say it helps me shut my mind off at night for sleep but what it does do is help me keep my thoughts on track a bit more, following through and when the distracting thoughts come in, more like I can switch back and forth. It boosts acetylcholine, another neurotransmitter.I’ve not heard any Add meds affecting. Do read the notes on the site about possibly needing a choline supplement. I have had the headaches—more muscle tension at the back of my head. And choline did relieve it quickly. Inexpensive and works for me. Performing publicly with my intermediate skills was much easier with the Noopept than without. I could distract myself before performance by thinking about other things than imagining how many ways I could screw up in front of people. When we did start to play, I could concentrate on the other players and how to blend with the music, not the crowd. I did well enough the first time the trio played that the other 2 asked me how I did it. Both are more experienced but it was the first time we played together. Since then they have tried it and now use it also.
Are you on medication? I’ve only recently started and having been dx’d late in life wish I’d had a chance to have had this in school and lifelong. Many things would have been much easier and with much less angst about being lazy, crazy or stupid. Other non med approaches such as tyrosine to boost neurotransmitters did not help enough. Some foods, chemical exposure and hormone imbalances can make my ADD worse. Balancing those as much as possible keeps my meds to a minimum but again not enough to not need the Adderall.
But you are not alone. The upside to the fast and constant thoughts is that at times many ADD’ers do notice things others don’t and find ways to connect things others don’t. Although the pile of clothes building up or stacks of projects may remain unnoticed. smile
Exercise is your friend. I don’t think I’ve heard of any ADD’er who started regular exercise who didn’t report that it helps quite a bit. Yoga may work for some but heavier aerobic or anaerobic exercise seems more effective.

Posted by Gadfly on May 03, 2014 at 12:13am

Thx for answer.
It seems u know what I´m talking about. I´m 29 and was recently diganoised. My life has been really difficult cause of this problem, I feel like I haven´t been present my whole life. That makes sense cause large portion of my attention has been stucked in my brain. I´m constantly chatting with myself and I cann´t shut it off, sometimes I just give up, like today when eating breakfast, I was having a bad time and I just stopped when I noticed that I was lost in thinking, and said aloud ‘‘Can I please to some piece around here’’ (I was alone smile)
Then it´s the brain activite that goes unnoticed and makes my tired and blurres my attention (I can actually feel it, like a fog or something). The good part is that it changes, sometimes I´m ok, somtimes it´s really bad, is it the same with you?
I´ve been taking conserta, now 45 mg. It works to some extent, I´m more awake and I feel relaxed in my body. But unfortunately It isn´t slowing down or regulating my thinking.
Do you have any advice?

Posted by Bastardo on May 04, 2014 at 3:49am

Yes!  I can “think” myself into a complete panic or crying jag, because I can’t get the thoughts to stop.  I sometimes have to yell at myself to “shut up”.

I always seem to be the oddball but exercise doesn’t help me; in fact it can make thins worse.  I’ m completely uncoördinated and just get upset because I can’t do anything right and then start to ruminate on that on that instead.  I’m the only person I know who leaves a yoga class in tears out of complete frustration.  Even walking makes me start that I’m going to slow or not working long enough or whatever.  I spend the entire time looking at the how long I’ve been at it and waiting for it all to be over.  So I can’t recommend it for myself anyway, but again I’m weird so you probably at least give a try.

What has helped me a bit is to plug into my iPod and play some type of music that almost forces to sing along.  It’s often distracting enough that when I stop the music I can focus on something else, at least for a little while. 

The other thing that also helps, at least sometimes is to “butt in” to my thoughts and ask myself whether or not continuing with these thoughts is going to help whatever it is that I’m ruminating about.  The usual answer is “no it wont” and will actually make things worse, because in addition to having to deal with whatever is that’s upsetting me I am also going to have to deal with calming myself down as well. 

But that’s pretty much all I have to offer except to tell you that you’re definitely not alone.

Good luck and if you find anything else that helps please share it.

Posted by VioletteN on May 04, 2014 at 5:49pm

Awesome thread!  Ditto to all of this.  I love and agree with this quote from Gadfly - “The upside to the fast and constant thoughts is that at times many ADD’ers do notice things others don’t and find ways to connect things others don’t. Although the pile of clothes building up or stacks of projects may remain unnoticed.”

I am 28 and just diagnosed.  I just started on ritalin IR and it has mild benefits with major side effect, ie crashes and headaches.  Either wrong dosage, wrong drug or I need XR.  I almost thought about giving up and going back to copious amounts of caffeine but Gadly’s story matches so closely to mine.  I am actually back in school now so I have a chance to see what if meds can make a difference.  I have come close to failing out of my program a couple times now though so I am hoping to find something that helps soon.

Any tips on how to find the right med/dose/form?

Posted by adhddad1234 on May 06, 2014 at 10:35am

For the extended version of my story, go here:

Posted by adhddad1234 on May 06, 2014 at 10:36am

Same here and still doing so I usually smoke ciggaretts to help but unfortunately I have nun at the moment and its given me a severe head ache now most days I m battling my personalities and my thoughts it makes me so tired almost suicidal at times its a real struggle and to those who don’t have this problem it only makes us look even more crazy and im just tired I hate myself yet love myself hate my life yet love it its freakn madness I tell ya

Posted by jennylee on May 09, 2014 at 12:12pm

Wanted to say dido i feel like I finally fit in somewhere wow glad I found this site and I can get on with my life im 29 with the mind set of duh and huh when asked but to myself its totally running 100 miles a minute thanx for sharing

Posted by jennylee on May 09, 2014 at 12:40pm

Yes I´m thinking even when people are speaking directly to me…I call it spacing out…when I have been in a meeting I have to go home and analyse the event afterwars and it takes me a long time to go back to normal, because I often feel axious for some reason.

Posted by Electra2 on May 13, 2014 at 2:04am

I’m new here and see I’m not alone.  Add this to severe social anxiety disorder and I’m feeling very alone. It feels so safe inside my head. Strangely, once I’m with people, I never shut up, but getting there is a nightmare of anxiety.  Feeling almost agoraphobic lately.  Disorganization, inattention etc,etc.  Help please?  I’m a new member….will meditation help and can a jumbled brain like mine achieve it?  Sorry to take up so much time my first time.  Thanks for any help you can provide.

Posted by ladiekat on May 16, 2014 at 10:44pm

LadieKat, have you seen and doctor and/or counselor for treatment?  Ive been seeing a doctor and counselor for the past few months and started on medication. It has not solved all my problems with ADHD but it is certainly helping quite a bit.  Poking around this website has helped me too. 

As for meditation it certainly could help if you have the discipline for it but that can be hard for folks with ADHD.  I find going to church helps me alot.  The communal worship keeps me engaged and I definitely feel more calm after church.  I am sure any sort of religious service could help in this way, Christian or otherwise.

Posted by adhddad1234 on May 17, 2014 at 7:36am

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