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ADHD in Women

ADHD going crazy and third trimester! Making it through though :)

Hey everyone!
As you could tell by my title, I’m 24 weeks pregnant, and currently not on meds! I’ve been running daily, my Gyno said a ok since I’ve been a runner all my life!!! I am SO all over the place—but learning to accept that—luckily I’m in a job where being a “messy genious” is an asset, plus they allow me to take exercise breaks. My grandma is my boss and her nickname for me even since I was a kiddo was “the energizer bunny” haha—-funny Sidenote, our little one is SUPER active already, when I tell people their response is “well she is YOUR kiddo after all” smile as hard as it is bring off meds Bc I’m losing everything and running into walls from pacing and thinking at the same time, I’m actually grateful for the experience Bc I’m learning to embrace my ADHD brain!!!! I have been notified by loved ones in a gentle, humorous way that I need to get back on my meds as soon as I can tho lol. My question is: what was your experience being pregnant with ADHD? Any suggestions to cope would be helpful as well smile


I became more depressed to the point where I actually had to go back on my antidepressants during the 2nd pregnancy and by the 3rd I only went off until I was about 8 weeks that was as far as I could go. Guess what - my 3rd child is the only one who doesn’t have ADHD and is my happiest kid out of the 3 ! What the heck??!!

So I know my situation is not really like yours but it sounds to me like you are handling it awesome! Being able to laugh at yourself and your ADHD “flubs” is so important.

My only idea would be to Figure out what is bothering you/your family the most (being late to work , forgetting things ) and read about those things here on this website for tips on how to manage them.

Posted by Udderlycrazy on Mar 22, 2017 at 3:51pm

I was diagnosed with ADD after my second pregnancy and second time with PPD and PPOCD(first post-pregnancy I mostly kept it a secret(it was a really really HARD thing to go through) but second pregnancy it was even worse so I felt like I had no choice left but to get help) so I have never been on meds. My Dr told me “well if I put you on them now you will feel dependent for life…” UGG she does not know what it is like to live like us each day!! I now home school my 7 and 5 year old(with a break on Thursdays) with my 2 year old also home with me…some days I feel like I could lose my mind :( I have tried just about every dumb supplement that exists and nothing has been that miracle help. My Dr says “well just dont home school” unfortunately where we are this is what is best for them right now and was a lame excuse to not help me with some type of med. IMO :/

Funny though, with my third pregnancy I was sort of mentally preparing for the HUGE awful PPD and PPOCD and…it did not come! <3 (my ADD symptoms have been mostly the same my whole life though and did not increase or decrease in severity really throughout this time.)

Posted by Toniko on Apr 20, 2017 at 2:53am

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