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Adderall versus Concerta?

Hi there!

I have been taking Adderall for almost 3 weeks now and am not sure it is working for me.

(I have a thread about that here (what to expect form Adderall?) if someone is interested:

Anyway, it seems to be acting as a “mood stabilizer” and makes me less irritable but doesn’t help with focus, alertness, motivation…

My insurance refused to cover the XR right away (not sure if they will after I have used the regular one?) so I also have a bit of roller coaster of side-effects that appear weirdly when the medicine wears off.
Someone mentioned Concerta to me, and I was wondering if some of you who tried both medicine could share with me how they reacted to them, and if the effects were similar or not. I know everyone is different and reacts to the medication in their own way but that would help me still to have an idea what to expect… Thanks! grin


I use the Watson generic of Concerta (the exact same recipe as Concerta).  I have not yet tried the Malinkrodt or the Kremer “generic” versions. They don’t have the same delivery system as Concerta and do not work the same on a family member as does the Watson version. They deliver the same amount of meds over the same time period (therapeutically equivalent); but are not required to be biologically equivalent (behave the same in the body). Now that anybody can make a generic, you have to pay attention to which one you are using before you make a decision on the Concerta “generic” as a whole. 
I took Adderall for 4 days before I had an allergic reaction.  Prior to that, I was very jittery, and wired, which I am not on Concerta. Adderall is an amphetamine. I found the effects to be very different.  I know someone who does not take at all to Concerta and finds Adderall magic. Concerta does help me focus - I can tell the difference when I don’t take it - significantly. Concerta slows my racing mind, but doesn’t dull me. I still have executive functioning issues - working memory - bad habits for organization and anxiety (which came before the stimulants), so I still have work to do. Perhaps if I was diagnosed earlier, I wouldn’t have had time to develop such bad patterns. I do not get any roller coaster on Concerta.  I don’t really notice it “kicking in” like I did Adderall. I can tell when it is wearing off in the evening because I start talking - and talking - and talking - and forgetting things. There is no “crash” at all for me. It’s very gradual - comes up on me - “oh, I guess it’s worn off”. If I am paying attention, I can sometimes sense the second release in mid-day, but it plays out like a lull before lunch - then I eat and I’m “back” - only the timing happens to coincide with my lunch time for the second release of the Concerta.  You can go on line and look at the “curve” of the drugs to see about when peak plasma levels are, when they diminish - and with the long acting or time release drugs - when to roughly expect the next release.  A family member needs to eat with the Concerta dose to get the best results, but I don’t find that makes any difference.

Posted by Juggler on Dec 29, 2013 at 6:02am

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