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ADHD and College and Higher Education

Adult ADHD at University in the UK?

I’m new here. Both my kids (now young adults) and I are dyslexic and ADHD and were diagnosed some time ago, so we are veterans at living life the ADHD way. However I returned to higher ed. a couple of years ago and ran into problems due to ill health. I’m starting again and wondered if anyone out there had experience of studying in the UK?


Hi Ellymental:

I can well imagine some of the problems you’ll be facing. I really hope you are able to cope so much better than I did. Forcibly look for support, things will have improved in many ways in recent years.

I did my degree as a mature student (I graduated in 1991) but didn’t realise at the time I had ADHD (I was only diagnosed about 3 years ago).

Although I am not dyslexic, I have dyscalculia, this made the 4 years of studying social research & social sciences rather problematic! That was on top of all the other ADHD stuff.

It was incredibly tough to deal with studying even though I absolutely loved the courses I was on. I hyper-focused on every topic, except for economics which I loathed! I had massive problems with processing effectively / organisation / note taking / deadlines. Exams were sheer torture, I just could not remember theories and facts efficiently.

As I said, I absolutely loved all the subjects I studied. I didn’t miss a single lecture, seminar or tutorial yet I could walk out of any of them, having been utterly turned on and fully present but within seconds of leaving a place of study, I would be unable to bring back into focus most of the facts in any efficient manner. It was so frustrating. 

At the time, the only support I had was counselling for the effects of depression. That was downright useless, as you can imagine!

I’m not sure if any of this helped you but it sure helped me to write it!

Posted by monopod on Dec 31, 2013 at 4:01pm

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