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Anxiety and ADHD


I guess right now I’m just scared about the what if’s.

My son is diagnosed ADHD and I’ve known for years that I need to do something to help myself.  I was diagnosed as a child with ADD but my parents didn’t believe in psychiatric help really so I never got aid.  I used to be able to control most of the issues but the organization lack and other vices that come with it have plagued me for my entire life.  My parents were pack rats but that excuse of being used to it feels like a cop out.

I get overwhelmed.  My stress level is unreal and a lot of it is brought on by the “what if” and being unable to detach and say… It’s a sink of dishes, not a nuclear waste clean up.  I also do the “negative” dance and see the 2 things I didn’t get done instead of the 10 that I did.  Or procrastinate because I don’t know where to start.  Or that + cleaning ADD where you start something and then see something else you should do and before you know it…. 3 things are started and none are done.

So I know it’s pretty much classic symptoms.  I set an appointment for a local psychiatrist.  My son’s doesn’t treat adults so I just have to put faith that this Doc can help me.  I’d been treated by my GP and I know that while she’s a great doctor I need the specialized care.  I don’t know if my anxiety is comorbid or just a byproduct of my ADD.  I suspect the latter because I can remember the performance anxiety and stomach issues as far back as 7 or even earlier.

Silly feeling scared of this.  I know I am taking a step in the right direction.  I know I am doing the right thing.  I’m just afraid of the change. 

Hopefully someone sees this before I’m off to the doc today.  I work graveyard so sometimes that’s worse because all those thoughts can creep in.


I’ve never replied before to a post but yours struck me.  I also these feelings of anxiety and ADD—also became aware of ADD when my son was diagnosed. Humor helps at times to remember as you did that dishes are not nuclear waste (:-) so true no?)  Someone once said to me that doing the dishes (or any of the myriad of other small cleanup tasks) gives you a sense of control over SOMETHING when the big things seem out of hand.  I know some of the right things to do…exercise/yoga, sleep (yeah right when you’re anxious), counting blessings and what you are grateful for…and when all else fails humor at the crazy situation that is our lives.  Progress not perfection and a moment of quiet uninterrupted doing something you love (or that just catches your eye). Last night for me it was looking at pictures of a trip to Mexico…remembering the beauty of the clay and the mountains and the food and my children experiencing it.  It made me forget the anxiety of no sleep and other ” awefulnesses”.

Take your steps and relish that you have started on the right path.  If the doctor is not what you had hoped, keep searching/try again.  A good one is worth all the gourmet salt in the world.  The others just contribute to. hypertension.  Blessings for calmer days ahead.  A fellow struggler.

Posted by Mom2Z on Dec 19, 2013 at 5:36pm

Dear Vex, your list of symptoms is shared for many of us who happen to have ADD, and its co-morbid partner, anxiety. In my case I have both diagnosed, ADD and GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), since kindergarden struggling with these symptoms, including stomach pain, which developed in chronic gastritis. Each of us ADD, and GAD, have to find out what it works for us, as we all are different. In my case I’m taking natural supplements like rhodiola rosea (, brand name rosavin) that helps me with both, ADD and anxiety; exercise in the gym; diet (no white flour and sugar products); weekly therapy;meetings with fellow ADDs at the local ADD Association. I have also sleeping apnea, and will be using the machine with air pressure, hopefully that will improve my sleeping quality, good luck!

Posted by Zatara on Dec 20, 2013 at 1:35am

Thanks everyone.  I feel like instead of staring at the long road and being afraid I’ve at least stepped on and am starting the journey.  I’ve been working on my homework from the Doc and feel like I’ve made significant progress there.  It’s all about the baby steps right?

I’ve completed the scales and assessments that we weren’t able to cover in office since he was booked solid with the holidays.  He said if he had a 2nd free slot behind mine he would have just had me go over at no fee. 

At this point I feel like I’m closing in on half my story for him.  I’m supposed to write about my life as early back as I can remember up to the present.  I need to do more work on that this morning and gave myself an hour to write after I do about 15mins of reading to catch up and make sure I didn’t leave out anything I feel is important.  I would really like to get it finished sometime today and emailed out this way I know he will have plenty of time to review.

My appointment isn’t until the 2nd but I figure this is better in case he needs more detail on anything I can get that back quickly.  I like his holistic, cbt and medication approach.  I HATE Doctors that have a prescription pad out 3 mins after you walk into their office.  He made me feel really at ease and like this is all going to be okay. 

Hope that we’re able to say “Ok, here’s the whole picture” with the papers being done and can start treating soon.  We’re doing the “bandaid” of controlling the anxiety until next appointment but I’ve been able to actually settle in, plan something and get it done thanks to that so it’s a really big help.

He said there is depression and we’re evaluating to see how bad the ocd triggers I have are since we already know I am an ADD person.  Just thankful he looks at the whole picture and the actual person instead of mitigating symptoms and not treating the causes. 

Just so glad I have everyone here and don’t have to be alone anymore

Posted by Vex on Dec 22, 2013 at 7:16pm

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