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Parents of ADHD Children

After school activities


I’m looking to sign my six year old son up for an after school activity.  He loves soccer, but his indoor class has been canceled so I’m looking for something else.  He’s very impulsive and needs lots of structure to be successful. He’s tried karate, but didn’t like it. Any ideas?  Which activities have you put your children with ADHD in and seen them succeed?  He’d love to join a swim team, but he doesn’t have the skills or endurance to do that quite yet. 

Thanks I’m advance!


It took quite a while for our now 12 yr old ADDr to find activities or a sport that he liked. He did not like being in any team sport and gravitated to more individual sports. He did not like TaeKwondo when he was younger & he has rejoined it a year ago & is loving it now. He also likes golf & snowboarding. He is active in Boy Scouts and is interested in Archery.
When he was younger, we just kept signing him up for a variety of things until it seemed to click….now at 12 yrs old he has found a variety of interests that keep him busy. He still has a difficult time in transitioning and sometimes prefers to just “stay home” !

Posted by energizerbunnymom on Jan 20, 2014 at 8:52am

Put him in swimming lessons so he can eventually join the team.  Or check out your local rec department for different sports/activities.  This will allow him to try some different things without dropping a lot of cash.  Find something that he enjoys doing and will hold his attention.  My 10 year old is in hockey and it has been amazing for him.  The fast pace, his pure love for the sport, the other kids…perfect fit for him.

Posted by hockeymama on Jan 20, 2014 at 8:55am

I just signed my 7 Year old daughter up for Swimming lessons.  Shes is on her 4th lesson on sundays. 

The swim team I think is a little to much for one that doesn’t know the basics of swimming.

It has been the best thing I have done. 

But she also was sorta obsessed with learning it before I signed her up she would spent hours youtube watching lessons. 

She is also in Salsa & Hip Hop Classes on Saturdays.  Which is also another thing you can try.  By the time she is done with 2 sets of classes she is so beat she falls asleep on the train ride back home. 

It has helped alot with her confidence. 

& it something that if she is starting to behave bad I use as a weapon to get her back in line and tell her she is jeopardising one of her lessons.

Posted by Lovingmom1119 on Jan 23, 2014 at 10:51pm

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