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Amen and Barkley

Generally my intuition is correct very quickly do you other ADHD diagnosed individual..Im asking you ,not experts or parents of children with ADHD etc..find your instinctual responses usually correct? Also another question to the same people:we with ADHD; Do you get a feeling DR. Amen and DR Barkley really are off track and either at this for money opportunity or recognition etc. What Im asking do you see them as shysters?


Have met dr amen do not think he is a fake - used to work for ADD RESOURCES in tacoma for 2 yrs met him at a few conferences . Nice guy seems pretty honest and others respected him

Posted by Deborah on Aug 26, 2014 at 4:40am

I am looking for people who actually went to one of Dr. Amen’s clinics for a brain scan etc.  Was it worth the $4-5K spent? How much were the supplements they recommended?  I would like to hear from half a dozen different people about what their experience was & any different results, please. As I am interested in trying it, but can’t afford to lose $5k for no GOOD results. Please help.  Thank you.

Posted by Gerry Biel on Aug 26, 2014 at 12:35pm


Such a GREAT Topic!!!

I am one who has been putting massive effort into learning, first what it is that I was diagnosed with at 51 and 3month old. They say people have an idea they are different, WELL, I am here to tell you, I HAD NO IDEA, I HAD NO CLUE, NOR DID I KNOW WHAT IT IS. I said to the doctor, all I had ever though was “it was kids being bad or disruptive in school” It is amazing how many people say, “oh, yea, Bonita I knew you were, or I have been in education and I know the symptoms” NOBuddy NOT ONE even mentioned the possibility. SO, with that, I began my journey to find out…any and everything I can.
First, the intuition…I am entirely with you when it comes to recognizing “ME” in what I read or hear on all the webinars, uTube, and more…
My intuition, although I had always thought I picked up on things, there is one area that I know I never got right, That is with men…the Emotional, and still am, / Co-Dependent, and NOT going to do that, as I see it now…ME…never picked up on things. Emotions got in the way.
However, I will tell you a little bit about my back round. I have been a Licensed Cosmetologist…Hairdresser / Colorist for 35 years as of last July 9th. I have been working behind the chair, full time since I was 18 years old…talk about relating and intuition…Not to mention I am also their therapist…I have been in management, first for a big company that has salons nationwide, 8 years there, and went on tho open my own business.
Of course, as I have read, most of us Adults w AD/HD…of which I have the H…equates to impulsivity in adults…we tend to move a lot…that held true for me. I always thought it was normal as I grew up an “Army Brat”...that’s a nice term in my world, we moved around many times as I grew up.
Anyway, I am in the middle of a build-out for my Last Salon…number 7 of my career… Salon 316 Bluffton S.C.
My intuition…
I Honestly Believe… Dr. Barkley is a GENIUS. Have you seen his uTube “Dr. Russell Barkley Emotions” He is Right on Track, I believe, and that uTube was put up by someone else that got him on video…this shows that AD/HD is not only neurological but physiological. However, it still doesn’t make it easy to have a physical DIS-Ability Others can’t see.
It took me 2 years and a couple of months, on Adderall 30mg time released once a day to…
1. recognize I am calmer, and more at peace…which I really only notice on my day off.
2. Until I started taking the meds. I could read yes, BUT, I had NO Idea I was remembering anything…NO WONDER !!!! I had NEVER read a book, yea, I would start one, get sleepy, put it down and have to start over because I didn’t remember what I had read.
Now, not only do I remember, but I am starting to read faster.
3. I have LD…learning disability and Dyslexia ...have never read well, or now I know, comprehended what I read, AND even as I write this in response to you…I have been spelling better because when I first got on the meds, it was very frustrating…I have never been a speller…NEVER…it was always embarrassing. And numbers…You wouldn’t believe the amount of clients I “failed to call back” because I wrote the number wrong off the recorder.
I have read many books and articles by Dr. Barkley and he really knows what he is talking about.
I know I have read things by Dr. Amen, and he is right about what he had said too.
Another Dr. I have just found through an article written in ADDitude Magazine, is Dr. William Dodson MD…he did an article..” Why ADDers Act The Way We Do”  YOU must check this out…ALL 12 things he explained…HE IS RIGHT!!! and I found that he has said it in a way that I KNOW FOR A FACT…He is Right!!! I even went to Barns and Noble last night to get a diet book I learned about…while I was there, I asked to see if he had any books as HE IS SO Right on with what he said in that article!!!
I WANT YOU TO KNOW…I am sure there are things out there that don’t sound right.
I KNOW that WE all have different symptoms and ““finding out what was wrong with me”” Well, it is TRUE, these things…symptoms… I have learned,... I can look back at my life, and have an understanding as to why I have done what I have done.
The Hard part is the Emotional Component…as Dr. Russell Barkley explains, NOW I GET IT!!!
Now I understand WHY…
I understand WHY I have PTSD…Life is processed on the Emotional side of the Brain…and not transfered to the logical side AND THE WAY I REACT…NOT thinking…You will see…watch it.
Why that in addition to LD…which I did always know I had a problem with BUT, had no idea WHY or that it had a name LD…
Why, I had to start taking Effexor RX in 2003…for depression which I didn’t know I had until one day I hung up on my Mom…on the phone while I was driving…she yelled at me saying “You have NO Social Skills” I thought “are you kidding me, I have been dealing with people all my life”...that freaked me out…I drove straight to the church, they have a medical office there, talked to the doctor…was Very upset… “I said, what do you mean I have to take medicine, I can’t just say Bonita get a grip” He Said…NO…It is a Chemical Imbalance…
I tell you all of this..WHY… to show you…I really had NO Idea there was anything WRONG with me…
The doctors really do know what they are talking about…They really DO CARE…. They make plenty of money at there Doctor Jobs, and Still Make Time…Take Time to do the Extra stuff to help educate not only you and me how really, truly have a dis-ability we can’t see…But that effects EVERY Part of OUR Lives…
With out them…Where would I be…
P.S. I am reading “What does everybody else know that I don’t” by Michele Novotni, Ph.D.
I can’t talk to her about it…she passed away in my arms, in my house at the age of 67, heart attack number two. She never knew I have ADHD…
PLEASE, read, watch webinars figure it out…
God will Bless you!
Posted by bbelami on Aug 26, 2014 at 1:12pm

Posted by adhdmomma on Aug 26, 2014 at 1:18pm

look for a recent post with less than great report on Dr. Amen.

Posted by Gadfly on Aug 26, 2014 at 2:45pm

Amen is a shyster bigtime, im imbarrased that we’re both lebanese. i know my spellings off, the anoying computer tells me so…who gives a f—k i never did.    A SHYSTER..

Posted by tomkat24 on Aug 27, 2014 at 2:54am

I have just breezed over Amen’s stuff… Imaging, I believe.  Barkley seems to be the most reasoned and objective researcher out there.  He pulls no punches.. No Ferrari Brain BS, no ‘thinking outside the box’ krap….  I like (and need) that kind of honesty.

Barkley is the real deal;  Cannot comment on Amen.  Just don’t know enough about him.

Posted by LakeLife on Aug 31, 2014 at 9:57am

I will be taking my 8 year old son to the Amen Clinic around November 2014.
  I will update what I find when I get done there. I have hope he will help my ADHD son. I am a poor person from Colorado and will have to travel to California for a few days to do this. I know it is expensive but I am willing to do what it takes to help my son.

Posted by PasoPal on Sep 04, 2014 at 6:41pm

I’m curious about him as well. His slick ‘sales’ approach makes me very leery.
Also, I took his on-line test to identify my ADHD ‘type’ (i.e. his 7 types—I already know I have the predominantly inattentive type). His test told me that I had at least 4 or 5 of his 7 types of ADHD! I wonder if that’s common? It made me suspect that his advice wouldn’t help me, because it’s tailored to each of his 7 types.
I’d love to hear more comments on Dr. Amen and whether he’s helped people.
I’m also curious if the scans ever come back “negative” for ADHD—or why his scans are SO different if they’re all manifestations of ADHD?

Posted by K.D. on Sep 05, 2014 at 3:26pm

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