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ADHD in New York

An ADD student wants to apply for a grad school program

Hello there!
I am currently a student in a university, which is not in US, BTW. Technically, i am a terrible student, partially due to the ADD, I did not have good grades during my last four years in the school.
It was my goal to go the grad school. However, I kinda gave that up since I did not do good in school before, until recently. I found that I have ADD, and since I knew it, I am paying extra attention to my behaviors, plus the meds I am taking, things are getting better. I gained my confidence back, and I am trying to pick up my dream to grad school.
Though I realize that my GPA is too low for most of the grad school(around 2.0 out of 5.0), I do not want to give up. I have lost too much already due to this ADD. And now I want to take my life back.
I want to apply for the grad school of Pace, which require a minimum 3.0 of GPA. Anybody ever heard of Pace? Can someone tell me, what chance, if any, I can get into that school? It is possible that the school will consider about my situation?
Thank you!


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