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Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD

Anyone in the same situation?

I was recently diagnosed with ADD, Aspergers Syndrome and Axiety Disorder with social phobia. I have tried looking around the web for answers to all my questions and perhaps more importantly to find people in the same situation.

I am 21, study at a major university and I was diagnosed about 2 weeks ago. Is there anyone in the same situation? I know that my description perhaps is a bit vague but if I am too specific it will be harder to find people like me.

If anyone is in a similar situation: How do you manage it? What changes did you have to make in life? How long did it take with therapy and medication before you could feel happy about life?

Greetings from Sweden


My son, who is only 10, shares the combination of symptoms you have. I wrote because I have anxiety disorder and social phobia (and some depression thrown in).

Initially, cognitive-behavioral therapy was very effective, so if you haven’t gone that route, I recommend it.

After a while, medication was the thing that made a big difference more than therapy because I already knew the CBT methods. Klonopin for anti-anxiety has helped me a lot. I believe prozac has helped me a lot also with the social phobia.

It’s good that you’re addressing this while you’re in college - I waited until I was about 27 and wish I had started earlier.

I can’t tell you too much about ADD meds because my son has appetite problems, which reduces what he can take.

I could go on, but those are the things that I could definitely say made a difference. Also reading lots of good books on the topics.

Take care!

Posted by Jen3 on Mar 26, 2014 at 10:40pm

My son had his ADHD diagnosis changed to Aspergers last year when he was 20. I also work with Asperger students in our high school.  I imagine you have all kinds of questions.  My first piece of advice is to consider this a journey.  You will learn more about each diagnosis and how it affects you as you move through life.  Some lessons are easier and some more painful.  Get to know your diagnosis, but don’t let that box you in.  You are more than a few diagnoses.  You are a human being with strengths and weaknesses.  Find your strengths.  Come to understand your weaknesses.  Some of those will be related to your diagnoses.  Get professional help for the things that really trip you up, and whatever else you feel is important.

ADD’ers often have a hard time with organizing.  If this is a problem for you get help sooner rather than later.  I take a low dose of generic Ritalin.  I like the way it helps me focus better and make my thoughts less scattered.

Anxiety is very common with the students I work with.  Aspergers people tend to have a hard time taking others’ perspectives.  When you see things one way, others see things differently, and you can’t see any other way, it does produce anxiety and friction.  There are ways to compensate.  CBT that Jen3 mentioned above is one way to getting some strategies.  I hope understanding about yourself will help you feel better.  I make a conscious choice to find the fun in what I’m doing.  It helps.

Posted by whizinc on Mar 27, 2014 at 8:18am

My son is going thru the testing for Aspergers.  He is also 10.  We have been on this journey for 2.5 years.  We tried all kinds of ADHD medication which I now know is what caused all the anger.  The anger led to mood medications and 60 pounds later we have more to work thru.  The ADHD medications for XR was most of the problem.  We now do two (2) smaller doses of Adderall 7 am and 12 pm.  The weight is falling off; however, with all the documenting I have kept we are positive the testing will show Aspbergers. 

He has extreme anxiety which seems to be getting worse.  Almost a non existent friendship with anyone.  We have a Psychologist and Psychiatrist; however, I am reading about the Cognitive Behavior Training and wondered who provides this?  Also, how is the anxiety handled for children?  I do not believe the small doses of Clonidine/Tenex are helping the anxiety - just makes him sleepy.  Any advice?

Posted by SteelerMom on Apr 23, 2014 at 7:38pm

I was diagnosed with ADD and social phobia.  I have a lot of asperger traits.  I have worked for years trying to find out why I am different.  I always felt I missed the book on social skills that everyone else must have read.  I have worked at it and fake it pretty well but its exhausting to have to work so hard to fit in.

Posted by joetony on Sep 04, 2014 at 8:26pm

Yes, I am 45 and still trying to figure it out.

It just takes me longer to develop specific coping mechanisms to adapt my conditions to each stage of life. It can keep me on an even keel and like I do not have any disorders at all for years but when life changes (even for the better) and my old coping mechanisms don’t apply to the new situation I am reminded of the Aspergers and ADD and my Anxiety goes through the roof. I have always had a therapist to help me with those periods of change after I tried to handle it myself unsuccessfully and they help me to find new coping skills relevant to the new situation.

The drawback is that you may find yourself staying in jobs or situations you don’t like because change is so hard to deal with. That is the way it usually was for me.

Posted by wheredidIleavemykeys on Mar 09, 2015 at 4:20am

Hi, new to this group, i was diagnosed with ADHD & Depression 5 years ago. Nothing seemed to really help, I tried therapy but could not find anyone that dealt with adult ADHD. The meds seemed to work as far as ADHD, however I was still a mess, no friends, no relationships, isolated, and soon retired and without structure symptoms became worse.
I finally went to be tested and was diagnosed with ADHD, Depression, Anxiety and Aspergers(autism spectrum disorder). That was 1 1/2 years ago.
I decided to try therapy again and found a group 75 miles away that does both therapy and medications.
Unfortunetly nothing has changed much. The woman I see for meds changed the ADHD med I was taking, and put me on two antidepressants.
The Therapist woman tried her usual therapy approach and failed miserably, she had dealt with ADHD but not with Aspergers. After months she finally changed her approach. Though she still marks everything up to other things and not aspergers.
I would love to find a pysch or therapist with knowledge in both in adults and can really me. However I live in Texas and I am yet to find anyone with in the state, let alone within a reasonable distance.
As far as relationships go, I am a lesbian but have not had sex drive in years. It just switched off one day.
I have had two relationships in my adult life, I was approached by each and I went along with it. I don’t pu on social cues what so ever. Each lasted slightly over a year and both ended very badly.
I will stop ranting…Thank you for listening

Posted by TXDarlinLOL on Dec 08, 2015 at 6:47pm

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