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Bipolar / ADHD lost my business - how to organize around these

First, I’m in Chicago…

Need information on 1) Organizing life and business ADHD/bipolar and narcolepsy 2) Considerations of BIpolar 2 and ADHD and narcolepsy.  Where can I find this -
My information…
Most recently was in psych hospital - suicidal thoughts etc.
My business and life are failing -  bipolar/adhd symptoms have destroyed largely both.
Symptoms - lack of concentration, forgetfulness, no concept of time - late late late, disorganized, impulsivity, non linear thinking, constantly have a new idea - stop working and go off on a tangent, spending money on and on.
Meds - Need bipolar meds to be stabilize need narcolepsy to stay awake.  What do I do to ease the ADHD like symptoms w/o being asleep.

Do I need an ADHD coach for life and busines?  Do I also need Psychiatrist with expertise in dealing with bipolar vs. adhd / meds .
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Start with the Psychiatrist and the psichologist so you get on the right meds. What kind if business did you have?

Posted by najn on Dec 27, 2013 at 9:50am

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