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Bipolar / ADHD lost my business - how to organize around these

First, I’m in Chicago…

Need information on 1) Organizing life and business ADHD/bipolar and narcolepsy 2) Considerations of BIpolar 2 and ADHD and narcolepsy.  Where can I find this -
My information €¦
Most recently was in psych hospital - suicidal thoughts etc.
My business and life are failing -  bipolar/adhd symptoms have destroyed largely both.
Symptoms - lack of concentration, forgetfulness, no concept of time - late late late, disorganized, impulsivity, non linear thinking, constantly have a new idea - stop working and go off on a tangent, spending money on and on.
Meds - Need bipolar meds to be stabilize need narcolepsy to stay awake.  What do I do to ease the ADHD like symptoms w/o being asleep.

Do I need an ADHD coach for life and busines?  Do I also need Psychiatrist with expertise in dealing with bipolar vs. adhd / meds .
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Start with the Psychiatrist and the psichologist so you get on the right meds. What kind if business did you have?

Posted by najn on Dec 27, 2013 at 9:50am

I am having much success with diet as a tool to super charge my brain and allow it to function optimally.

I use 40Mg Slow Release Ritalin, once a day to combat my ADHD, however a diet high in Omega3 (as discussed on this forum) has helped me out a lot.

The loss of a business causes a ton of stress, I’ve been there, however i’ve learned that you need to look after your body and mind as a whole first before using more meds.

I agree that medication is a needed tool, however not as a sole means.

Without proper diet, a host of issues come up that may not be permanent but rather a result of deficiencies in your system.

In my past military career we had frequent periods of high stress, poor nutrition and little sleep. I have seen a host of issues come up (as a Spec Op Medic) as a direct result of this.

We often think of a certain diagnosis being a single issue, I am learning to look at things in a more holistic way. For every effect there is a cause, however this can manifest itself in many ways.

I hope this helps, don’t give up, there is a ton of help available. The beauty of hitting bottom is that it only gets better from that point on wink



I have been using a NutriBullet for over a year now, focusing on adding lots of Omega3+6 to every cup on top of my 3 times daily capsules.

Posted by Jaco on Dec 28, 2013 at 3:52am

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