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Blanking out, freezing-Brain lock?

I was fired for having anxiety, stress (PTSD), depression and ADHD.  Now on Adderall, -big difference.  How do I explain what happens, how can I show a judge, court what happens to me when I “freak out?”  When I freak out, my mind goes blank, I cant think, reason, I just get angry, smart ass(how else to say this?), because I can’t think process info.  I understand this, what happens, ect, ect and I can control this better now (meditation) but it still happens under sever stress.  Its cost me a Postal job of almost 20 years.  I have appeals in, What can I do to control this better?


Same here I experienced the same when I was working at a top managerial post & during table talks and surprise presentations I used to go blank I often forgot words to complete my sentence .......

Posted by Bobby_pk on Jul 13, 2014 at 3:39pm

That happened to me one day while I was in court on the witness stand for my job.  I did not know it then but that was a symptom of my ADD.  That was several years ago but I still feel extreme embarrassment over it.

Posted by co4mac on Jul 13, 2014 at 8:56pm

I’m a Canadian attorney and only roughly familiar with US law, but the basics are the same.  You cannot prove anything, all you can do is to give evidence in court or before an arbitrator as to what your experiences are like.  The rest has to come from whoever assesses/diagnoses you as a professional.  You can say that you have anger incidents or memory lapses (assuming this is true), but it is for the expert to give evidence that he’s tested you, that you have AD/HD and/or PTSD, and that your problems are symptoms of or caused by it.  Speak with the expert about how to control symptoms, and consider how you can do your job by coping with them and what accommodations you’d need.  If you and your expert can show your employer and an arbitrator a way for you to keep working with accommodations and that you’ve given this some thought it can count for a lot in your favour.  Don’t know about US federal or State law, but in Canada there is a duty on both employee and employer to cooperate in the search for suitable accommodations.  They then have to provide them and you have to make them work, and an arbitrator or judge is more likely to take you seriously if you know what you need.

Posted by Cedar on Aug 12, 2014 at 4:42am

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