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Just Diagnosed With ADHD (Children)

Brand New Diagnosis

Hi I’m Carrie. 
My middle daughter (8.5) was diagnosed as ADHD possible ODD this week. 
The journey has been frustrating and stressful at best. 

This summer, my husband and I realized that we needed to get T help for what we suspected was ADHD.  Husband was treated as a child, and I’ve worked in the medical field long enough to know some signs and symptoms.  We called our insurance to confirm what would be covered and what we would be responsible for.  In September I contacted our peditrician to get information and a referral to get her evaluated and diagnosed.  I was told that the Dr would do that in the office.  So we booked the appt for Nov 17.  At that appt, he said he didn’t do evaluations and we’d have to go somewhere else and gave me phone numbers of other providers.  $150 down the drain. 
I called that day to get an appt with a Behavioral Psychologist, the soonest appt was Dec17. 
So we had that appt this week.  He diagnosed T with ADHD and possible ODD, we will visit that once we are seeing results with the ADHD treatment.  He assured me that he’d get his report to the Pediatrician and we’d be able to get her started on medication this week.  We made a follow up appointment for January. $150 spent.
I called the peds office that afternoon to verify that the report had arrived.  They assured me that it had arrived.  They said that once the Pedi read it and wrote the RX, they would call me to come pick it up. 
I didn’t get a call on Tuesday.
I called on Wed. afternoon to check.  Girl told me the dr hadn’t done it yet but that they’d call me the minute he wrote the Rx and I could come get it.
No call Thursday. 
So today is Friday, heading into a weekend and a short week due to a holiday.  My errands had me driving right by the office, so I stopped in to ask about it.
The girl tells me that the dr can’t write the RX without seeing my daughter first, and that he is scheduling those appts for mid-late January. 
I’m already at the end of my rope in all this.  But not once did the dr’s nurse say that I had to make an appointment to get the RX. Had they told me that on Tuesday when I first called, I could have gotten on the calendar sooner.  They could have said something Wed or Thursday when I called.
All they could do is say sorry, which I’m sorry, just doesn’t help me. 

So I have an appt set for mid-Jan, and until then we have to cope.  I just feel like this could have been handled so much differently. 
I called around this afternoon to find a Dr that could take over, one who could do the therapy and the meds, but the soonest appt with those drs that I could find is June 2014.

Is this normal? 
Am I just being hyper sensitive because we feel desperate to get her help? 
I can’t imagine that it is like this all the time.

I appreciate any insight



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