.  He is 28 years old, cannot hold a job and has many failed relationships. " /> Can someone help!!!: Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults ADHD Support Group Discussion Topic - ADDitude

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Parents of ADHD Teens and Young Adults

Can someone help!!!

Does anyone know the name of a good psychologist or psychiatrist in the New York metro area that takes Medicaid.  My son has never had a proper diagnosis for ADD and needs to find someone to test him thoroughly and give him the proper meds.  Please email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

He is 28 years old, cannot hold a job and has many failed relationships.


There is a Hallowell Center in NYC, you have to call and ask if they accept Medicaid though. There are a couple other listings in the area in ADDitude’s directory as well: http://directory.additudemag.com/results.php?where=&keyword=NYC.

ADDconnect Moderator, Author & Mom to Tween Boy with ADHD and LDs

Posted by adhdmomma on Jul 22, 2014 at 1:34pm

I went with your advice and was turned away.  My son that I was making the appointment for is currently on medicaid.  They do not accept Medicaid.  I asked since I would be willing to pay cash for his appointment did they offere a sliding scale.  I was curtly informed that they do not take Medicaid patients.  I then repeated myself and told them I would pay cash and was advised again, sorry we cannot accept your son as a patient.  I have never in my life run into so many obstacles trying to make an appointment or get help for my son.  To be rudely turned away after advising them that I would be paying cash, is unheard of.

Posted by ringmeonce on Aug 01, 2014 at 8:21pm

Check out the adolescent mental health clinic at Mt. Sinai. They do take Medicaid and they have some good people there. Also a number of the institutions like the Kennedy cents and the Child mind institute have financial aid available.

Posted by Topcatte on Aug 08, 2014 at 6:41am

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