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Parents of ADHD Children

Chiropractor care for ADHD Children?

Has anyone ever tried a chiropractor for their children? A friend had mentioned it to me and I was curious about maybe trying it. My 8y/o daughter has ADHD and I really think she has picked up a few more disorders because she has been having severe anger issues and melt downs. She is on Vyvanse 30mg and helps her greatly in school but the mornings and nights are horrible.  Any info would be great.



I use chiropractic for my 9 year old daughter. It’s early, so I have not seen benefits as of yet. I also take her to OT. It has been a year and she is showing great progress in focus, tolerating activities that she would not previously and sleeping well. I also incorporate OT activities into her daily routine along with her other daily activities. She also takes medication. It can’t hurt to try! Good luck.

Posted by Speduc8r on Mar 04, 2014 at 7:56pm

My daughter goes to the chiropractor but due to the discs in her neck misaligned. I have never heard of it helping ADHD. But she has been going for almost a year now and I have not seen a change. Maybe I don’t take her often enough. lol. She has an appt on Monday, I will ask the Dr. What his thoughts are on the matter.

Posted by Patrysh4 on Mar 06, 2014 at 8:33am

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