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Compelling ideas…struggle to follow through


I have done plenty of research on ADHD and understand fully that motivation and sustained interest can be challenging for those of us with ADHD.

That said, I ask for support and ideas from this community - I am finding it VERY difficult to allow myself to actually act on my ideas - specifically, I have framed what I think (and have heard from other trusted mentors) is a compelling proposal for developing a niche consulting practice - I know I have the skills and ability to build the practice and I know that my professional reputation in my city is positive - yet, I sit here in my home office spinning rather than getting out there and trying to land a client - how have you gotten past this barrier - I have plenty of trusted advisors who all champion me - yet once they leave and I am alone to get things done…well…as you can see, I have spent the last 10 minutes writing on here instead of calling a possible client!

Thanks all for the time!


perhaps it would be best to get someone else to do that part of your business, a marketing and or business development person. Might be able to find an interested student, or someone with ADHD who would do this pro bono, or on a commission basis.

It’s hard to do every aspect of a business for anyone, so seek some help while you focus on the consulting piece itself as you continue to develop those professional skills. What city/area are you located fro those who may have “contacts” in the area?

Posted by Bapa on Feb 27, 2014 at 3:14am

Do something different than what I’ve done. Have a good idea, research it , start getting somewhere with it : THEN whoosh off to something else. Story of my life, I do better with a good diet though
Anyway there comes a point where the research and brainstorming are over and all there is left to do is act or don’t

Posted by donttread on Feb 27, 2014 at 3:21am

Just start calling. What do you have to lose? You might be rejected but people that grew up with with ADD are used to being rejected and they don’t give up until they get what they want. That’s why they are great at sales. When I first started selling Real estate I tripled everyone’s production in my office because everyone else was afraid of rejection and they wouldn’t get on the phone. Pray and remember that its all Gods grace and He is for us! Blessing to you!

Posted by leslie 1 on Feb 27, 2014 at 3:36am

You, my friend may well be dealing with “fear”.  I had it, too.  There is fear of failure, of course, but somehow I do not think that is the problem.  How about fear of success?  Seriously, what happens if your idea for self-employment really takes off and you are a total success?  It will mean making changes to how to work in addition to changes in your everyday life.  If you are hesitating, that well be why you are doing so.

The only way to get started is to get started.  Check your limits to prevent becoming quickly overwhelmed.  Do you have a plan on how to deal with a rapid expansion?  When a business takes off rapidly, that is a good thing, but have a rough idea on how to will handle that.

If making phone calls is too much right now, then create some mailers and email templates to use and make contact that way.  Post notices of your new service business in prominent places.  Advertise in the local White Sheet or equivalent.  That will start people calling you and they can be your work-of-mouth advertisers.

The block party is out there and you aer missing all the fun.  Why?  What is stopping you?  Why are you giving in to your fear?  You know that you are good at what you do.  So, seize the opportunity and run with it.

Posted by Dianne in the Desert on Feb 27, 2014 at 8:32am

@Bapa’s suggestion is great provided one can afford ,
@ leslie 1 what you said is what i learnt after wasting a lot of time I’m now used to with so many rejections and failures all matters to me and make me happy whenever I win the situation .........

Posted by Burraak on Feb 27, 2014 at 2:13pm

Thanks all!

@Dianne - you are really on to something.  I had similar fears when I was climbing the proverbial corporate ladder - with every promotion I was afraid of what it meant yet I would never allow myself to say no.  Having stepped away from that life and living for 9 months without expectations getting back into the game has been tough.  This time I am working to change the game yet I know there is still that old world out there.

Posted by Beth D on Feb 27, 2014 at 5:42pm

Anything new has two aspects to look at:  excitement to greet the new challenges; and fear that we will not meet expectations.  Those are the hazards that accompany new things.  They are there and the only way to know if you can meet the expectations and the challenges is to try.  Yes, I do recall the Start Wars character who said, “there is no try.  Just do.” and he was wrong.  Not everyone is equal to every challenge presented to them.  Not everyone will meet the expectations either.  We build up courage to try the new stuff and so we step into the unknown.  Meeting expectations is another matter.  Do you even know what those expectations are?  Who established them? Why?  Are they realistic?  Could just anyone meet them?  If so, then how would they, or you, go about doing so?  Are the expectations reasonable?  Do they require skills that you have or are you expected to develop new skills to meet them?

Put this another way.  If you were the one who could promote someone into this position, who would you promote?  Get your ego out of the way and look at those around you.  Who is there, other than you, that you think could handle the challenges and expectations?  Remember, your movement forward does not require your opinion of yourself; only a knowledge of the skills other candidates versus your own skills.  That levels the playing field.

Look at strengths versus weaknesses, too.  Now make the same comparison.

If your skills and talents make you the better candidate, then you do not need to ask, “What am I waiting for?”  You only have to act.  Move in the direction you want to go.  Standing inert will not get you where you said you wanted to go.

Posted by Dianne in the Desert on Feb 28, 2014 at 8:06am

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