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Anxiety and ADHD

Concerta and Zoloft

Has anyone ever taken zoloft and concerta together?  I have been taking Zoloft since I had postpartum despression and anxiety 5 years ago.  Now that my boys have been diagnosed with adhd and I understand it ... I realize I have it too.  The zoloft has helped me maintain my moods but makes my focus a disaster.  Stimulants without zoloft makes me way too anxious.  This seems like the perfect balance and I feel good. 

Does anyone have experience with these two medications together and can give me some tips?



I take Concerta and a medicine called Insidon containing Opipramol against my Anxiety Disorder with depressions and I can only say it works for me quite well but the medicine called Insidon makes me pretty tired even though I take it in the evening before I go to sleep. I think you should try it because not everyone reacts the same to the same meds and if you find out it doesn’t work out for you, you can talk to your doctor and see if you can have something else.

Posted by Anselma on Dec 15, 2011 at 3:11am

I have been taking Zoloft (100mg) for years.  I haven’t had a depressed day since.  But I still had anxiety, and I was just diagnosed with ADD (inattentive type).  For a week I have been taking the Zoloft and Concerta 27mg.  My attention and focus have improved tremendously, and though I can’t say that all my anxiety has disappeared,  there has been great relief.  A few years ago, my dr. tried upping the Zoloft to 150mg to help with the anxiety and focus, but it made no difference, so I went back down.  The only thing now, I feel that I am a little hyper, but controllably.  With the increased ability to focus, I don’t even care!

Posted by smbluerose on Dec 15, 2011 at 3:36am

I have been taking Paxil CR for so many years that I,m not sure but it was not long after the controlled released came out.  I do very well on 50mg and it helped my anxiety a bit better than Prozac did.  However, I realized I have had an anxiety disorder all of my life along with Major Depressive Disorder.  Thus, I take 0.5mg Xanax up to 4x a day if needed.  Then in my early 50’s I was diagnosed with ADHD and started taking Concerta.  He began me on 36mg per day then upped it to 72mg per day.  I have been taking the combination for about 12 years now and I never knew what it was like to feel this “normal”.  It took many, many years but in addition to so many newer medications coming out and sticking with a good doctor, we finally got the best cocktail for me.  I never thought I could ever feel this well and especially be able to cope with life this well.  Like most everyone, I suppose, I am always working on ADHD symptoms that I’d rather not have but find ways to work around them.  Some days I feel like I walk in circles but even when I’m not focusing very well, at least I don’t feel like my head is full of cotton!  Some things we can all live with if it helps us with other things.

Posted by roaminggal on Dec 18, 2011 at 8:33pm

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