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Conner's Attention deficit scale

My son completed a conners attention deficit scale and the results are this and I was wondering if someone can help me our iep meeting is Thursday.

it states t-scores above 70 represent and area of clinically significant concern

inattention: 74(clinically concerned)
hyperactivity/impulsivity 52
learning problems 75 (clinically concerned)

Several of teachers conners scale
inattention 57,57,76,67,67 (varied level of concern ranging from no concern to clinically significant concern)
hyperactivity/impulsivity 44 no concern
learning problems/executive functioning 51,57,53,65,72 (varied levels of conern
defiance/aggression no concern
peer relations no concern

I am confused, concerned about meeting on Thursday and would like to make sure I understand and if someone can give me pointers


The Connors is not something that should be interpreted in isolation without the context of a full evaluation. So I doubt that you are going to get much int he way of takers trying to interpret these scores in isolation. In fact, it would put most of our licenses at stake. (One exception could be symptom monitoring as part of research or intervention response, but this is generally true.)

Some things to consider.
1 - The Connors (and other similar tests) has a very strong correlational value, but does not establish causality. The rest of the evaluation needs to help in that regard. Observed behavior has a very environment dependent component.

2 - ADHD is a diagnosis of exclusion, so all alternative explanations need to be ruled out. There are ton of issues that could present to be ADHD-like that are not ADHD—- ranging from Diabetes, Hyperthyroid, sleep disorders, Nonverbal Learning Disability, or even giftedness.

For the IEP, make sure that they give you a good comprehensive explanation in plain English on how they systematically confirmed their conclusions or ruled out alternative explanations.

Ask a lot of questions.

More important than any one test score, how does the presentation of the assessment jive with what we know about him in the real-world? Class-room? Historically?

Posted by Dr. Eric on Feb 25, 2014 at 10:18pm

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