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Christians With ADHD

Creative Prayer Ideas

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with ADHD less than a year ago while training to be a vicar in the Church of England.

We have a regular rhythm of daily prayer but a lot of it is based around silence and stillness and I thought it would be great when I next lead a morning prayer to show people more about praying with ADHD and wondered if people on here might have any creative ways of praying that I could lead others in.

Hope that makes sense!



Mike, (Boy, I goofed by orig. addressing the wrong poster.) Anyway,  Once a Catholic, always a Catholic ... some faiths just have that knack of giving their members a lot more to rely on than they originally thought possible and it helps them in whatever situations or new religious bodies they’ve joined. When it comes to Anglicanism, you’ve only changed doors insofar as your ability to live out your prayer life. At least people within Anglican parishes, be they those within the PCUSA or the newer Anglican Church of America ... nobody’s going to raise an eyebrow if they see you pull out your beads. I’ve listened to a woman tell me once in an evangelical church my family used to belong to how painful it was when she was questioned by a leader in a Bible Study group before, no less, the gathering got underway. Since when was the Rosary “unbiblical.”
  My rector, who like ourselves, was raised Catholic, raised [his] brows when I mentioned this incident. There is a specific “Anglican Rosary” and I’ve forgotten exactly how it goes, but you can sub any prayers you want or just say the Rosary as you and I were taught years back. Lots of Episcopalian and of course, the more traditional Anglican branch of Episopalians in the US are likely to have a small “Mary Chapel.”
  I keep the BCP on my reading stand at home and if I don’t make it to Church on Sundays, I’ll look up the readings posted in the parish’s web page or you can get it from the national website. Just read and ponder the weekly readings.
  When it comes to reading them, just practice reading them to yourself at the pace you want to set and this is key. If you start thinking in your head you have to take this speed, emphasize that line or this line a certain way even before you leave your house, you’ll be a nervous wreck. Be your own reader and it’ll come much more naturally to you and much quicker than you believe. I’ve been in situations like this and I have “ADHD in spades” according to one doc (16 years ago!) and I’m 65. Still got it. Yet, this spring, when I spoke extraneously at my oldest brother’s Requiem after all the prayers and songs sung, I simply acknowledged the kindness of the priest first, and then praised and commented on what my middle brother had to say (No way was I gonna let him do all the talking, esp. on behalf of the one who used to joke as him being my ‘life insurance policy’ when we were growing up.) Just a few comments at first, take a breath, focused on one or two people and a lot of stress vaporized in the humid air of Jacksonville, FL.
  If one can speak before family, he or she can do it a lot easier before friends and strangers. I’ve served as a “reader” during Masses said with bishops (one who became the Cardinal Abp. of Washington DC recently) standing behind me in my old parish, and if a guy with “ADHD in spades” can survive that, you’ve got little or nothing to worry about. Share your concerns with your parish rector or assistant rector or a longstanding lay member of the vestry, et/al and you’ll do fine. They won’t let you fail. Hell’s bells, I was never, never, an “altar boy,” until I attended a “year after anniversary Mass” for my mom and while sitting in the pew next to my dad, the parish priest came down the aisle, “drafted” me and before I knew it, I served my one and only “tour” behind the rail as an altar boy. Made it alright, too. (Meaning no quips even from my dad who had forgotten far more right and wrong moves anybody, priest and altar boys, could make than most men, and nowadays, girls, will ever learn.

You’re going to do just fine and God’s Peace will cover you. (Now, if I could only do something about this little palsy in my mug holding hand, never mind chalice holding wine!) As you guessed it, I’m “retired” from even getting “volunteered” as well.

Posted by Steven Barrett on Oct 12, 2016 at 5:34pm

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