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ADHD in Women

Did my meds wear off? or Why am I reverting to old habits??

I had been bulimic my entire adult life,But 2 years ago, when i was diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed adderall, it was miraculous, because the thoughts and obsessions around food simply vanished.  Now, however, I have begun to return to my old ways..purging once a day..eating crap foods…I am wondering if , inspite of the 2 years of on going therapy and constant medication management, I have relapsed back into old behavior patterns…and if so, will a medication change help?? I have some unusual stressors in my life, like 2 court custody cases looming in the far future…but nothing out of the ordinary for this married, stay at home mom of 5 sons.  i seem to have lost my drive to be it depression(for which I am also taking zoloft and buspar)...or am I just lazy, and need to snap out of it???


Im taking vyvanse 70mg and another 40 around 1pm with wellbution 300mg. I’m starting to feel very lazy and tired and sleepy, now I cannot even function I don’t know why is all this coming upon. I’m with you I need to snap out also

Posted by guerra512 on Oct 30, 2013 at 4:08am

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