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Disability/HealthCare Plan

I have a question about receiving disability and working possibly part time.  I try to fill out forms and get so confused.  I have ADHD and one “Disability Specialist” said the judge would laugh about disability for that.  Now I do not want to work with her.  I also have rotator cuff tears, broke my wrist (used to do medical transcription), have depression, post-traumatic disorder, and anxiety.  I am not trying to be pathetic, but does anyone know the best way to get help with this?  Do I call Social Services.  It seems that you have to do everything for yourself, but with ADHD, it is harder.  I start filling things out and then there is a question I do not understand, or they need so much information, I become overwhelmed and stop.  I would think the Government would have people who know exactly how to help.  Even with this new HealthCare Act, I had to stop because there were so many variables to the questions and I could not decide which plan to pick or which one I was eligible for.  Is there a special place to call to get a real person with patience to help and who is knowledgeable?  I feel like not only those with ADHD, but everyone is on their own in making these decisions that they really have no clue about because the questions are so wordy/confusing.  If you can think of anything, I would truly appreciate it.  Thank you.


I first applied for Social Security Disability Income back in 1997.  Now you can get ADA accommodations as well, which my company has done.  Here’s what I went through back when I first applied.:

Disability depends on several factors.  I have periodically debilitating depression.  Currently, I miss about 6 weeks a year on my part-time job because it gets so bad.  My therapist put me on permanent disability.  I then went to a Social Security office and got all the forms to apply.  They turned me down the first time so I appealed their decision and was approved (with no legal help on any of this - you really can do it yourself). 

After that, I spoke with Medicare and they told me when I’d be approved for Parts A & B.  Part A is pretty quickly and mostly has to do with hospital care.  Part B can take over a year to get on and it is the more important one for outpatient care.

Ask your HR department about getting ADA accommodations.  They will send a horrendous form that your doctor has to fill out so when you make the appointment, be sure to tell him that you have a form s/he needs to fill out within 15 days.  They will fax it in.  Be sure to ask for a copy of it so you have it to refer to.  Keep on your doctor about the 15 days - mine didn’t get it done so I’ll have to re-apply to get the ADA help.

That’s all I can think of.  Best of luck to you!!

Posted by Missed That on Dec 28, 2013 at 4:50am

Not sure if this helps any, but you can download this askJAN document regarding employer compliance to employees who have ADHD diagnosis.;.pdf#search=“adhd”

Posted by spage_hasADD on Dec 29, 2013 at 9:06am


I don’t know where you live, but it’s possible that you could consult a legal aid group.
Also, there’s no reason not to call Social Services and ask the operator to transfer you to a real person. You may have to leave a message and wait for a response as most caseworkers seem to have hundreds of people on their caseload. Better to inquire and leave messages in several places than get stressed out wondering where to start. Just pick a place and start - don’t think about it too hard!
Regarding the Health Care Act, my cousin posted on Facebook that he called and talked to a person who made the whole experience effortless. Here’s the posted: 1 800 300 1506. Hope that helps!
Best of luck to you.

Posted by Rosemary on Dec 28, 2013 at 6:46am

Posted by adhdmomma on Dec 30, 2013 at 7:42pm

Thank you all for your great suggestions.  I will be trying them.  Government programs can be difficult and confusing, plus lots of paperwork!

Posted by JADD on Jan 01, 2014 at 1:49pm

You said, “I start filling things out and then there is a question I do not understand, or they need so much information, I become overwhelmed and stop.”  -  I tend to go on and put the specific question up and someone knows the answer. There are also disabled people support groups on yahoo and other groups or forums online you can just find and join and ask around for the correct answers.
*It is my recent understanding if you work at all on disability that they take 50 cents away from you per dollar you make, so it’s like you are working for 1/2 of minimum wage(the wage rate) for that extra money you need to live on.

Posted by survivor84 on Jan 11, 2014 at 7:13am

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