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Parents of ADHD Children

Disrupted sleep every night!

My ADHD son who is almost 7 years old has always been a terrible sleeper! I have tried everything - including lavender room sprays, Melantonin drops, warm baths, massages, etc. He wakes most nights during the night, or wakes around 5am. The Melantonin drops helps with getting him to sleep BUT doesn’t sustain his sleep. The doctor says there isn’t anything that he can prescribe. I have recently put him on herbal medication but after one month, his body became use to it and he went back to his terrible sleeping patterns. I just put him on new herbal medicine that contains Valerian but I am worried about long terms side effects. Please help with any advice as I’m going crazy with this sleep deprivation.


We struggled with sleep but it was primarily getting to sleep.  Our doctor was not comfortable with long term or higher dose use of melatonin due to limited studies with that type of use.  I recall discussing and briefly trying intuniv and guanfacine(sp?) without much change.  About 1 year ago my son began taking clonidine which is commonly used with adhd kids although it is a blood pressure medication and has been widely studied.  It has been a life changer.
I would push the doctor for options or switch doctors because sleep is a critical neccesity and little else can go right without the basic sleep/water/nutrition and shelter basics.

Posted by momtodom on Nov 20, 2013 at 6:14pm

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