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ADHD in Indiana

Dr. Recommendation

Can anyone recommend a good ADHD dr in the Fort Wayne area? It is for my husband. We tried about a year ago to get a diagnosis and treatment but the dr we went to diagnosed him with depression. We both feel that it is more than just depression. All signs lead to ADHD. Thanks


Hey You Guys ... (niklongnecker and Mitzi)

Congratulations, Mitzi!  Your perseverence has paid off.  It sounds like you have found a path that is going to give you some much wanted relief.  And niklongnecker, you can take a cue from Mitzi’s experience, and mine too, as an incentive to continue the direction of your search.  There is really only one place to start, and that is with your own personal decision to talk to a quilified professional. You have taken the first step. I wish you much good luck also.

But, oh, dear Mitzi, let’s don’t be too quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Antidepresents are just as legetimate a medication for ADHD as are stimulants.  It looks like you have found that Ritalin rings the bell for you.  It does the same thing for me, by the way. Within an hour of taking my first Riatlin I could feel the effects beginning to take hold.  And, that same night I slept like a baby for the first time in many, many years.

You might be interested to know that after being on Ritalin for 18 months, I continue to take both Wellbutrin and Prozak. You see, even though Wellbutrin and Prozak are both antidepressants, they are by no means identical.  They have two different jobs to do and they each do their work in different parts of the brain.  So, it could be proper and beneficial to take neither of them or one of them or both of them or, as it is for me, both of them along with something else. Your doctor will help you discover what is best for you.  It took some amount of expiramentation to find the proper ratio of the three for me. But, once it all came together, that is the combination that works best for me.  So, let’s don’t be too quick to shake a finger at the antidepressants.

You might feel tempted, as I surely was, to wish that you had discovered the Ritalin years sooner.  That would be a more legitimate response, in my mind, than discredeting years spent on antidepressants.  But, even that reaction is a waste of time, as we both should be celebrating the fact that we have now found something that works, however long it took us to find it.  Also, one never knows what life would have been like for those 26 years had there been no antidepresents prescribed. 

My theory is pretty simple ... Continue on into the future, always looking for ways to make life better and more livable.  Never turn your back on a source of help or something that could be helping you.  Listen to everyone without judgment, read as much as you can, attend seminars and webinars, join a self-help group, join ADDA, and keep yourself up to date and, as much as you are able, at the forefront of current thinking.  For example, if you pick up two books on ADHD, look to see how old they are.  Then, read the newer one first. 

Your doctor is a wonderful, compassionate person with a nearly impossible job.  We expect the doctor to always be right and to never say “I don’t know.”  That isn’t always possible.  With medications, it is often necessary to try something and see if it helps.  In that case, you rely on the doctor’s knowledge to keep you safe from the consequences of trying a medication whether or not it ultimately works for you. 

Finally, for both of you, and your families and close friends, none of us can ever know too much about ADHD.  And, the first thing to know, and understand, and believe, is that there is NOTHING wrong with the ADHD person.  There is nothing to cure.  There is nothing to fix.  We ADHD people are very, very strong in some areas and very, very weak in other areas.  THAT is what makes us different ... it is the areas of our strengths and weaknesses that are different from someone else, or from what society has come to expect. 

Therapy helps us understand and work on those differences.  Medication makes our lives more liviable while we work on those differences.  Reading, learning, understanding, coaching, etc., prepare us to make a life where we take advantage of our strengths, and don’t get all hung up and sideways over our weaknesses, as we develop ways to deal with them. 

On the whole, one of the best tasks I ever undertook was to identify my strengths, so I am now confident in what they are, and to identify my weaknesses, so that I could back off on my efforts trying to be good at them.  Instead, for the most part, I now limit most of my efforts to leveraging the things which I know I can do well. 

ADHD is what I am.  I am not like you, I am me. I constantly strive to be a better me, not so that you will like me more, but so I will like me more.  Then, when I like me more, so will you.

In the immortal words of Bronislawa Przybylowska, the great Polish philosopher, biologist and part time sus chef at La Anura Ranida,  “Living with ADHD is not so much about kissing frogs as it is about looking for the Prince.”

Best wishes to both of you.  Keep looking up ...


Posted by Washbush on Feb 25, 2014 at 12:29am

Mitzi: What is neurofeedback?

Posted by niklongenecker on Feb 25, 2014 at 11:22pm

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