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Epilepsy and ADHD

Epilepsy is gone! :)

I got the epiepsy (general tonic clonic major ones) when I was about 22 and so I used to use lamictal and I went on a ketogen diet.I got the ADHD diagnose when I was about 26 and they hesitated to give me ritalin, but guess what actually happend? My epilepsy has now gone away for several years! I wonder why. Is this usual?


I used to in the medical profession, and have ADHD as well. There was a study done with student who had epilepsy and ADHD. They were all given methylphenidate for the first time, and 80% of them had no seizures. There are a lot of physicians who are not comfortable prescribing analeptics to patients with seizure disorders. They are more concerned with avoiding law suits at the expense of properly treating their patients. I tried methylphenidate not knowing if I would have a seizure, and I didn’t. I no longer take medication for my seizures and I am about to start taking methylphenidate again.

Posted by Isp75016 on Aug 31, 2014 at 12:19pm

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