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Feeling Love

It may be a strange question but does anyone else not know what it feels like to be loved by someone?  I can’t feel it, but I know its there.
This is only an observation question.  I am honestly not feeling sorry for myself here.
I wonder if its like the person with symptoms of not being able to read the expressions on other people?

It’s ironic,  I feel intensely passionate with so many other emotions.  And almost laser beam understanding of feelings others have..

Just putting it out there for your comments. smile


Emotions are often related to hormones. You might see about having your sex hormones, thyroid and adrenal hormones checked.
Some other neurotransmitters are also involved, not just oxytocin, but endorphins, vasopressin, it’s a soup of sorts.
And what sort of love? mother with newborn baby and good bonding? the first flush or romance? passionate lust of Eros?  the more sustainable romantic love that lasts for years that has more oxytocin, endorphins plus enough lust for spice but not that first blinding lust that can’t be sustained for more than a couple of years at most. The love of good friends? all different flavors.

Posted by Gadfly on Jun 19, 2014 at 7:25am

Thanks Gadfly.  I get it.  It’s helped me unravel yet another of my cave dwelling mind sets…

Posted by jetergirl on Jun 19, 2014 at 6:59pm

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