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ADHD at Work

Feeling very unsure of myself

I was only diagnosed a few short years ago with Attention Deficit Disorder not Hyperactive .  I was diagnosed with a Auditory Processing/Visual Perception in High School… Two years ago I was laid off from my Data Entry job of 11 years. The last three were difficult because the job changed and I was receiving poor evaluations. .

When the Psychologist wrote his report after completing testing, he was not surprised that I was experiencing difficulties on the job based on my ADD and other motor and other non-verbal task

I currently do have a part-time less than 20 hours a week retail job. I have been receiving positive feedback from the Assistant Store Manager.. I don’t like the varying shifts every week… Plus, their aren’t any health benefits and the pay is minimum wage and always will be. I don’t drive so using a public buses has also made the commute difficult.

I do have computer skills but I am competing against candidates with Bachelor degrees for office work.
I don’t know what vocational avenues to pursue anymore… I basically want to throw in the towel and accept defeat…


Thank you for sharing your story, Ria. There are more people out there like you than you might imagine.

Dr. Ned Hallowell (an ADD guru and friend of ADDitude) has some really great advice about finding work that works for you:

I’d also recommend this piece by Russell Barkley, which suggests some specific career paths:

You have every reason to feel frustrated—you’re working so hard, and not getting the recognition or rewards you deserve—but don’t give up! Finding a rewarding job can make a huge difference in your overall outlook on life!

Posted by Anni Rodgers on Jun 19, 2014 at 8:20pm

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