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ADHD in Texas

Finding Treatment Resources Dallas TX


I am new to this group. I was diagnosed with ADD in 2006 or 2007. While the ADD has been a huge problem all my life I never considered getting tested until someone I met at a social gathering suggested it. The other reason never thought about it is that I am definitely not Hyperactive - without medication I actually suffer from chronic daytime fatigue. I can remember all the way back to middle school fighting falling asleep if something did not capture my attention ( I perceived it as interesting)
  I was prescribed Concerta and OH MY what a difference.
Sad thing is I never bothered to do much research about the condition and just expected things to be fixed. Before I start writing a book to make a point I should make in two sentences, lets cut to the chase:

About 6 months ago an event at church prompted me to start really learning about ADD or ADHD ( I still think there is a difference) I am now on Vyvance after being on Aderall XR for years. I switched because I realized that Adderall made me extremely edgy/short fused.
Its been about 2 months now ( I am on 70mg a day)
While Vyvance often makes me crash in the afternoon, I don’t have quite the energy I did on Adderall but that’s ok. I was immediately calmer as my friends noticed…however I realized over the past month that I am not not edgy, but the opposite, terribly emotional and sensitive and it is really killing me. I have also been trying to find a place for cognitive therapy and didn’t think it would be so difficult….two attempts failed ( I did not think I had to do digging for people that specialize in ADHD - it is AMAZING how little regular counselors know about it. I am kind of at my whits end feeling misunderstood, overwhelmed, frustrated.
I am hoping that someone could recommend a good psychologist/councilor something that I can go to find the right treatment plan and medication in the Dallas TX area? 
Thank you all!


Yes, there are a couple of good places I’d like to suggest: The Davisson Clinics have been in operation for about around 30 years and the proprietor, Harvey Davisson is wonderful aside that he uses hypnosis, which may or may not help- I haven’t ascribed to it. His knowledge of the condition and his practice of using physicians in -house make him a wonderful starting choice. PRIMA ADD is located close to the Davisson place and it is more psychologically oriented, as Robin Binnig, the proprietor, is a licensed psychologist. Both are wonderful choices and are located in Dallas, off of Preston and LBJ freeway.

Posted by Melsteam412 on Sep 02, 2014 at 11:00pm

There is a place I just found in Coppel, Irving, Texas.
It is called the Well counseling 972-304-1604. I am seeing Sacha for now.  She does Cognitive Therapy. She is alert, very professional, very smart. However, since I just started, I can’t tell you much more about it.  However, this is the only place so far where I have someone who knows her job regarding ADHD and the only one who has cared enough to give me the name of a good psychiatrist whom can prescribe natural medication as well as regular ones.  Until now, everybody else had limited knowledge about ADD or did not even care on giving good places and tips of where I should go or do.
I wish you good luck.

Posted by fraise on Sep 20, 2014 at 10:26pm

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