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ADHD at School

Forgetting to turn in homework


9 yr old son and homework
Posted by Sunshine51980 to ADHD at School on Nov 20, 2013 at 8:56pm

My son and I are a great combo… haha…He has ADHD and I have ADD…with homework and studying it becomes quite a task for us after school and work.  He seems to get it done ok but remembering to turn it in in the morning is quite a task.  Anyone have any tips for helping him to remember to turn it in?  Also getting him to study for tests is a challenge..  got any tips for me and him to remember to study for tests??


The rule in our house is - your homework is NOT done until the papers are in the homework folder, folder in the bookbag and bookbag on the launching pad (this is a place designated for the bookbag near the front door). No screen time or any other entertaining activities until these steps are followed. Routines are critical!

Posted by Katie Theeke on Nov 21, 2013 at 7:41pm

My son does the same thing! He hold the finished work in his folder and don’t hand it in. I get really frustrated bc I tell the teacher that he usually has it & just ask him for it but they won’t. They fail him over and over again. I had to tell my son that he has to think of ways so that he will remember. Here is a few suggestion he thought of. One was wearing a colored wrist band which will help remind him, he also thought of sticky notes which he stuck on his folder and note books with reminders. Sit down and brainstorm with him to see ways he think will help him. He always suprise me with the things he come up with.

Posted by stressedmom on Nov 21, 2013 at 8:08pm

My son is 10 and has similar problems.  We got him a thin binder and a folder for each class (special made for binders). The folders are arranged in the order he has his classes everyday.  One pocket for each class is labeled “today’s homework” the other is for papers to stay in folder for class work.  Every day he puts homework worksheets etc for each class in their designated folder as he gets them to take home.  When he finishes homework, he puts it back in the homework side to hand in.  That binder stays in the backpack and goes to every class with him.  It is sheer routine that he opens the folder when he gets to each class…...and if he forgets, he usually needs to open it for another paper during the class and is prompted to hand it in because it is on the homework side and not mixed in.

Posted by Peacfldove on Nov 21, 2013 at 9:25pm

Have u considered a colorful or photograph folder? What about taking a picture of something you child enjoys and placing it on a folder as a reminder for them when they come to class and pull the folder out?  My daughter doesn’t have ADHD but she forgets to hand in her homework.  I found this book, and I find it helpful.  Homework Made Simple: Tips, Tools, and Solutions to Stress-Free Homework Paperback
I hope this helps?

Posted by happynewyorker on Nov 21, 2013 at 9:58pm

Thank you so much for all the ideas!!!!!  I’m looking forward to trying one of them when he goes back to school after thanksgiving holidays!  I agree homework isn’t completed until we put all the papers and folders back in his back pack as well.  We also have designated place for his back pack right by the back door on a hook.  The problem is when he gets to class at 8:00 the kids put all their stuff away and then switch classes at 8:10 by the time he gets back to his homeroom class he has already forgotten about turning in homework.  I’ve asked the teacher if there can be a designated time for homework - because all kids need repitition however I haven’t received a straight answer.  :(  so I guess its up to my son and me to figure it out!  The wristband and different color folder are excellent ideas!  Thank you again!

Posted by Sunshine51980 on Nov 25, 2013 at 8:53pm

Thank you for the suggestions.  We also have a designated place for his bag and additional projects.  We are currently trying the diary method, which seems to be working for my son.  All homework to be submitted is recorded in the diary which is packed on top of all other books in his bag.  Homework to be completed for the next day is also recorded and I check and sign the diary and homework in the evening when I get home.  This at least ensures that the homework is done and thus far submitted.  The wrist band idea also seems brilliant and I’m thinking of giving it a try for some other projects as well.

Posted by fardut on Nov 26, 2013 at 1:22am

Our rule is that everything is packed up then you are done. If not, we forget something.
Studying for tests…we make it a game. For example, spelling words (which we equally hate) we use a posterboard. I write the words using blanks and he fill them in with index cards that have the correct letter. We also use the diecast letters to spell out words. For vocab words, we put definition on an index card and word on another. I pretend he is on a game show. It works for now!

Posted by momma35 on Nov 26, 2013 at 8:51pm

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