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France ADHD No medication solutions to improvement

I was recently diagnosed in the USA with ADHD. I live in France and they doesn’t really recognize it here. So I’m rather stuck without medication and a doctor.
I am looking for solutions to improve myself so I can have some peace in my head. Mainly I feel like chaos all the time and can’t get a handle on anything. I feel like I’m turning in circles all the time to catch up on who knows what. Work life is a disaster, I’m horribly underemployed and I can’t stop ever, ie just do one more thing. I’m worn out and tired.

Are there any books people could suggest, webinars, blogs etc. I find lots of things on the web explaining how one feels with ADHD and symptoms, but not tips and tricks and long range ideas to fix it. Outside of do exercise, take omega -3, eat healthily, take ADD drugs, see your dr, and start being an excellent time manger by doing another XYZ system, I’m not finding much help.

Not even sure where to start. And I’m so overwhelmed.
Thanks in advance for anyones help.


My heart hurts a little when a person comes to this forum looking for anything that can maybe bring some understanding to the chaos that has made it impossible to feel normal. The first thing I would say is that normal is a setting on your clothes dryer, and most people with ADHD can live a better life and actually have joy and hope by learning to be comfortable being a little different from other people. As time goes on you will learn to adapt, and maybe even come to the point where being normal seems like it would be boring.
I do not have any cure in a bottle for ADHD, but I do have a couple little tricks that I have used for years that help to keep the anxiety level down a little.
I have in my house in each room what I call a hot spot, it can be a table or whatever you choose as long as you do not change what it is or where it is. Use the hot spots as places to put things like keys or eye glasses, and whenever you put something hard to find down, put it in your hot spot. When you can not find something, go around the house and check the hot spots first before you start to panic. Also next to the front door make a landing pad. It can be a tray or small box that you put things that you need to take with you when you leave the house.
If you are a Christian there is one more thing you should do. Pray. God bless you PTcat and I hope this site can give you the help you are looking for.

Posted by Rancher John on Apr 12, 2014 at 10:30pm

I actually live in Malaysia. I don’t know of any neurofeedback therapist. How can I get trained on this therapy online. I want to use it for my son who has ADHD.

Thank you

Posted by bes on Apr 13, 2014 at 7:19pm

PTCat - I’m not home this weekend but I was recently dx’d & am unable to take the most helpful meds. So I have been compiling a list of books, websites and other things that offer actual tips, guidelines, helpful ideas - anything that seems like it could help. I haven’t tried them all, but the most helpful book I’ve actually been able to read and use is called “More Attention, Less Deficit” and a companion workbook called “Understand your brain, get more done” - both by Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA. They are full of actual helpful things you can do from small to big that have already changed my life to more manageable - and I haven’t even finished either book. (You read them in the order you prefer, and they’re written so you can skip around. Great for people with ADHD!) Anyway, if you want the rest of the list, contact me and I will send what I have so far.

Maybe we could all compile a useful list somewhere on this website… Just a thought.

Be well - Ella

Posted by EllaMc on Apr 13, 2014 at 9:28pm

Wow, Mitzi… That’s great you found that.

Posted by LakeLife on Apr 18, 2014 at 3:06am

I am living in France for the time being, too.  I didn’t even try to get meds here, because I am here on a limited term contract.  I get Strattera from the USA at cost (très cher!) every so often.  But I did ask around about what to do.  You might try getting a letter from the USA doctor who diagnosed you, explaining why he thinks that is the best diagnosis and what medication he thinks is appropriate.  Then start calling psychiatrists, looking for one who will treat you.  Try talking to the head of the psych department at your best local hospital.  That’s who gave me this advice.  Bonne chance!

Posted by mudscientist on Apr 21, 2014 at 9:22pm

I’m sorry that you’re struggling, PTCat, with no real professional support around you!  I definitely feel for you.  It’s hard enough to find quality professionals in the US, and I hear from my overseas clients that it’s much harder elsewhere—unless you’re in/near a metropolitan city. 

Unfortunately, I can’t help you with the medication or Dr. piece in France, but it may be worth it to look into working with an ADHD Coach. Our focus in Coaching is on the practical side of managing life with ADHD.  We work with our clients to uncover their natural talents and strengths and what is working for them, and help them learn to apply those strengths and what is working to the areas where they’re struggling.  And before you say,“Nothing is working! I’m a complete mess!”, (which is what most new clients tell me!) I guarantee you that with a well-trained Coach, you could uncover areas where you’re very competent and have ways of doing things that work for you—you’ve just focused on the areas of struggle so long that you don’t see them right now!

Most ADHD Coaches are also trained Life Coaches, so they can work with you on the bigger picture stuff—Getting at who you want to be, what you want out of life, and how you can get there, as well as the practical “living with ADHD” sorts of things, and help you create systems and tools and ways of doing things that work for YOU.  We all process information differently, and have unique skills, talents, and interests, so what works for you in the long term will be unique to you.

That’s what we do in a rather wordy nutshell! 

Most of us work over the phone/Skype/Internet, so geography is not an issue.  I’m in the US, and I have clients from throughout Europe, Canada, the Carribean Islands, and South Africa. 

You can find well-trained Coaches through the ACO (ADHD Coaches Organization) website at and search their database by specialty (since geography is a non-issue).  Most of us offer complimentary consultations so that you can find a Coach with whose style you are comfortable—as that’s very important.

I hope there’s something in here that helps!

I wish you the best of luck in finding the support you need!

Lynne Edris, ACG
Life & ADHD Coach

Posted by ADD_Coach_Lynne on Apr 22, 2014 at 2:12am

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