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Getting Diagnosed Correctly???

Ok, So I finally got an appointment scheduled for a full evaluation for ADD/ADHD next week. The doctor is sending a a packet of surveys and questionnaires that I will need to fill out before coming to the office. Contained in this packet is a questionnaire that my Mom will need to fill out regarding my behavior as a child. I’m 47 years old, and I don’t think my behavior as a child might indicate what I know to truly be ADD/ADHD. I’ve been teaching high school for the last 20+ years, and I’ve been exposed to soooo many ADD/ADHD kids (diagnosed & undiagnosed). I’ve been in denial for too long, but I’m wondering whether my childhood will support the diagnosis. ( In other words, I don’t want to walk away from the doctor’s office next week being told that “Since you were not diagnosed or observed as ADD/ADHD in childhood, then we can’t help you. You do not qualify for services, sorry.”

No-one had ADD/ADHD when I was growing up except maybe the really “bad” kids. I wasn’t one of those kids. I was the mostly quiet, gifted, in my own little word child. Maybe I’m fretting too much. I just don’t want this issue to “crash and burn” based on a technicality.

Any suggestions???????  HELP!


Hi JasCo
Be careful with this
I researched ADD / ADHD very thoroughly after being off work with stress, following a change at work to a very negative boss. I had a special talent that involved super focus and was made great use of in the functions I gravitated to in previous jobs and roles, I always had problems at the end of jobs or doing the boring stuff etc etc.
In the numerous surveys I completed I scored 70% or more but when I compiled all that evidence and took it to my GP for referral, further help was refused by the mental health panel. No evidenced from childhood. ( I didn’t want to upset my mum by going through my history ) I was in two minds about taking it further and being diagnosed and resolved to make lifestyle changes to help. Result? Worst annual review ever two whilst at the same time recommended for special reward and recognition by the senior people in another department I had a secondment too! I would say play the system to get the help you need and want. Good luck :0)

Posted by ADDMack on Mar 25, 2014 at 8:15pm

There are indicators in childhood that may help in the diagnosis process.  My mother was far too ill when I got to that questionnaire, but I did still have all of my report cards from school, so I photocopied them and brought them with me.  The only trait that my parents ever really mentioned was that I was so easily distracted from the task at hand.  I didn’t have tantrums, was not obsessive about things, nor did I have a lot of trouble with my peers. 

If you can provide some insight into your childhood, it may help your doctor make a solid diagnosis.  If you can provide some of the childhood background, it might help you get a clearer picture of what is actually going on.  ADHD in and of itself is only part of the diagnosis.  I think your doctor is wise in asking about childhood. 

While many ADDers did fine during childhood and didn’t experience noticeable problems until adulthood, the information cannot hurt the diagnostic process.

Posted by Dianne in the Desert on Mar 25, 2014 at 8:44pm

I went to one dr that does ADHD   I remember the questions asked like did I get in trouble at school, did I have poor grades etc. I did not fit in any of those questions   Yes I was very hyper but good in school. Yes I had good grades, but it was not easy. I would take homework home even if I could finish it in school because I could not concentrate at school. 
I answer their question, but failed elaborate like I just explained to you.  After the questioner and one computer test.
He decided I had anxiety not ADHD.  He sent me down the wrong path that ended up helping me to get to the right path. I kept saying I am really sure I have ADHD to the new dr.  One visit I said “do you know when it is time to leave that is when I decide to get ready.  She finally looked at the other dr report and discovered that I was not tested for ADHD.
She Sent me to be tested for the second try. When I talked to the person I made sure to tell her why I think I have ADHD.  This test had questions too, I think verbally I was able to get her to understand.
She gave me two 2 hour session to test me. They finally confirmed that I do have ADHD.
I just found this out the end of February 2014.  I am 47 years old. I always thought I might be ADHD but never got tested until now.
I hope telling you my story might help you.
Wish you the best of luck that you get an answer of why you are the way you are and the correct one

Posted by dmtaylor89 on Mar 25, 2014 at 11:14pm

Were you overly talkative? I followed all the school rules BUT My “H” from childhood is always getting in trouble for talking too much. I was a great student - BUT did all my work at home because I couldn’t do it in school.  I stayed up very late until everybody in the house was in bed because I was so distracted by their noise - even when the television sound was down, I’d be distracted by the sound of the tubes, dogs barking, a faraway train, planes going over, the furnace. There might be something in your childhood that wasn’t “ants in the pants” typical ADHD.  Look up inattentive type and see if anything sounds familiar to you. Maybe talk to your mom and ask her if you ever had any of those indicators.

Posted by Juggler on Mar 26, 2014 at 5:00am

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