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ADHD in Women

Getting back in the swing of things?

I’m a full time college student and mother of a 4 year old. We had a couple bad ice storms back to back and that resulted in school being closed for 2 weeks. This is my first semester and I wanted to be really on top of my game and I WAS, but after that break (I also ran out of my meds during that first week) my mind if all jumbled. I can’t figure out what to study first and how to get back on track. I ended up dropping my public speaking class because I had a speech due today (I’ve known about it for the past month) and it was not done. I had psyched myself out so bad I ended up forgetting to do it. I’m still taking 4 classes, but I feel like I’m lost.  Do you all have any advice on how I can get back on track?


Hi Ashlyn:

I try to make a very short to do list of the really important things. 3 at most for the day that I HAVE to do.  I get too overwhelmed to do more than that,
be gentle with yourself!!! I think being a mom to a four year old is amazing in itself


Posted by lealor on Feb 22, 2014 at 11:08am

At one time, I started school full time. I didn’t even have a kid and still had to go part-time. It ended up being too much so don’t feel bad if you feel you need to cut back.

It’s possible that you have too much on your plate. You may have started out on top of things but could easily sink. I’m not saying that is the case. You may be able to work through the whole semester but just keep it in mind.

Posted by Tinybluemoon on Feb 23, 2014 at 2:59am

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