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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and ADHD

Glad When Christmas is Over

Is there anyone else out there who has ADHD/PTSD and Christmastime seems so overwhelming that you don’t know if you will ever complete everything.  I believe that Christmas should mainly be for celebrating the birth of Jesus.  Yes, it is nice to receive and give presents, and especially enjoy children opening gifts.  There just seems to be so, so much in preparation for this day that I cannot wait until it is over.  I sent out 68 cards, made Christmas cookies, and had 21 people to think of presents for.  The preparation time is so overwhelming that I cannot concentrate properly, am forgetful, and become totally off kilter.  There is so much activity, demands, spent money, helping those in need, and getting together with some family members who are difficult.  I get sick to my stomach.  Everyone seems to be shopping at higher speeds.  I take so much time thinking of a meaningful gift for others and at the same time budgeting.  It totally sucks everything out of me.  Then the day after Christmas life slows down.  My husband and I spent Christmas Eve with my family today.  I have been going straight through the day since 7 a.m. this morning.  Tomorrow (Christmas) we spend with my husband’s family.  All I think about is when will we leave and stop this craziness?  Once home, I need quiet or sleep.  My body goes through torture.  I just wish Christmas was more simple and that concentration should be on the birth of Jesus.  I feel like I am complaining, but I just hate the hustle/bustle.  It is difficult to be the one doing so much that others expect, even though others know I cannot be overwhelmed.  I think that today’s society is not good for a person with ADHD combined with PTSD or ay other diagnoses.  The word should be “simple” not trying to cram everything into a small time frame.  I seem to be getting worse at juggling Christmastime or other holidays/events/birthdays, etc.  Is this a common feeling I feel?  Do others experience this?  The ADHD is bad enough and then adding PTSD makes this so much worse.  I feel that everyone wants a piece of me, but I do not have enough time/energy to continue living this pattern of activities.  Any suggestions?


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