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Has ADD been inhibiting my education?

Hello all,

I have recently come to believe that I have had or have developed ADD for at least the past 5 years.  I just turned 30, and have been struggling to change careers.  I was diagnosed with CAPD (central auditory processing disorder) when I was young, but was never tested for ADD.  It turns out that both of my parents have ADD, which I was not aware of. 

The turn of events that led me to believe that I have ADD were a consistent lack of academic success, for inexplicable reasons.  I attended university for 4 years for music education, and did relatively well during that time, but then I decided to change careers to a more scientific area of study, namely horticulture and plant science, and things took a bit of a turn.  I did well for about a year while I was taking classes at community college, but then when I transferred to university, I had to drop out after one semester, due to lack of focus.  Symptoms include failure to get organized, inability to stay focused on my goals, and constant desire to change courses of study.  My last attempt at school was 2 years ago, when I had a similar attempt to get into the sciences, with similarly abysmal results.  It’s not that I am unable to learn, but simply that I am unable to juggle the multiple classes at once, stick to deadlines, and ensure that I have the prerequisites in math squared away. 

So any tips anyone has for returning to school as an adult with ADD, any thoughts on whether I have ADD, and what I can do to help my future educational endeavors.  I am hoping to take a single math class this fall to be sure that I can stay focused, and get a required pre-requisite out of the way, and then go from there.  I will be visiting a doctor soon to get a formal diagnosis, so that I can request accommodations in this class.  Any thoughts on the sorts of accommodations I should request would also be helpful, especially for a precalculus class.


Here’s on online self-test to see if you might have adult ADHD:

And here’s some insight on returning to school as an adult with ADHD:

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Posted by adhdmomma on Jul 04, 2016 at 5:19pm

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