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ADHD Adults

Help to find provider in Des Moines, IA that tests adults for ADD

Hi. I am an adult in Des Moines, IA and believe I have ADD, but was never diagnosed as a child. I have had a difficult time finding a practitioner in my area that is willing to test adults for possible ADHD. I have been to two local providers in the Des Moines area who basically were not willing to listen to me and basically said there is no way I can have ADD if I wasn’t diagnosed as a child.

I have read numerous books and articles regarding Adult ADD/ADHD and when reading it seems like I am reading “my own story.” I have so many similarities of symptoms to other adult individuals diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. I have also taken the Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale -V1.1 Screener from the World Health Organization online and it indicated from my answers that my symptoms may be consistent with Adult ADHD.

It’s not that I want to labeled, but without an actual diagnosis from a professional I am not able to get any possible help that might be available. If anyone has any information, names, or resources of any providers in the state of Iowa that have experience working with individuals with ADHD I would be very grateful if you would please pass along the info to me.


Hi becca2322,
The problem you describe is common, since many mental health practitioners today seem to be willfully ignorant when it comes to current research and information regarding ADHD. But not all of them are like that. Psychology Today has an excellent database that allows users to do a very specific search (by things like zip code, patient age, provider gender, and area of specialty). A cursory search by ADHD, adult, and Iowa located a place in West Des Moines:
You can do your own search at
This tool is especially useful and helpful. Good luck to you.

Posted by ral77851 on Apr 05, 2014 at 10:33pm

Hi ral77851,

Thanks a bunch for your reply and the links for Psychology Today. I will try that.

Posted by becca2322 on Apr 06, 2014 at 2:53am

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