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Gifted ADHD Children

Highly gifted 4th grader with ADHD

Our ADHD fourth grader has been tested at greater than 99% on IQ tests and is testing at 9th and 10th grade proficiency in math and reading.

According to him, he was given 4th and sometimes 5th grade math this past academic year.

He doesn’t seem to mind at all that he hasn’t had any math challenges this past year (he has admitted that all of his math has been easy and almost always finishes all of his homework in 15 minutes or less). 

It pains us to see him not mind getting the challenge that we know his intellect can handle.

We are wondering if any other parents of gifted children have had similar experiences and what they did to ensure their gifted child with ADHD was appropriately challenged - either by working with their school or working with their child at home.


A 9th/10th grade proficiency in math would suggest he’s already mastered Algebra…so if they know he’s already mastered all of Algebra & are giving him 4th Grade level math then I would suggest you find a different school because he may not be too bored now, but give it a couple years and he’ll be going bananas.

Posted by BC on Jun 10, 2014 at 9:08am

Our son tested in the top 1% of our state in 2nd grade, we are lucky to have a gifted charter school that he was able to attend for 3rd - 6th grades and then a gifted middle school for 7th & 8th. At the high school level he’s able to select AP and college courses to keep him challenged. I would definitely speak with someone at your son’s school and see if there are TAG - Talented And Gifted - classes he can take to keep him advancing and interested in school.

Posted by mom3boyz on Jun 10, 2014 at 5:14pm

If you’re in the right part of the country, look into NUMATS (Northwestern University Midwest Academic Talent Search), which arranges for kids to take above-grade-level tests to see exactly where they are in what subjects (or look for something similar in your locale). You could then use this to bolster your argument for a FAPE (free and appropriate education).  I don’t see it as a character flaw that a 4th grader is happy to have some easy work.  Kids that age tend to think of the whole picture - are they happy, do they have friends, etc.  Parents of kids like these are always playing the juggling act between challenging work and contentment - both extremely important.  Utilize Hoagies Gifted for resources in your journey.

Posted by Katherine85 on Jun 10, 2014 at 5:38pm

Thank you all for your insightful comments and suggestions.  This was our first time posting in this group and the responsiveness of the members was uplifting and informative.  Best to you all in your ADHD journeys too.

Posted by Reiko123 on Jun 12, 2014 at 4:28am

At age 4, my son was tested.  He was a genius and photographic memory.  He is now an electrical, mechanical and physics engineer. 

I kept putting material in front of him (library every week).  He checked out 30 books a week…. 

He skipped a grade…  and when he was in middle school, he took high school classes…  In high school, he took college classes… 

I had to fight the school to get him in higher level classes, but the teachers loved him tutoring the other kids…  and they said, I did not give up, so I could have whatever classes we wanted… 

He was my literalistic child…  If the teacher said, as soon as everyone is done, you can go to recess.  He would do his work, then tell the other kids the answers.  So the teacher, had to say as soon as everyone finishes your own work we will go out, if you finish sooner read a book…..  (He carried two books or more to read at all times.)  Speed reads too. 

My daughters are both smart… in different ways too…  My oldest one tested high about the same time as your son…  She could do the work, but lacked organizational skills….  losing assignments, etc.  My youngest daughter tested high this year, college level in seventh grade…  She is slow and steady…  so she is in college classes (nights and summer) and seventh grade classes too. 

Challenge your son….  find his interests.

We have used kahn academy (free) or time4learning (small fee) online classes too… 

EXPLORE - Social things like 4-H (something for everyone in here - robotics, electronics, art, shooting sports, farming and non-farming topics, etc.).

Good Luck!

What a gift…..  Explore….  Experiment….  Talk to people….  Check out the infosoup (library connections) for online skills area (math, science, English, etc.)  Department of Public Instruction (curriculum requirements)...  home school options too…

Posted by ADHD-3in home on Jul 06, 2014 at 11:01am

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