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ADHD in Women

Hormones and ADHD

Hi, I am trying to get pregnant.

I am taking a whole raft of supplements, for health and condition management.

I had the Mirena coil removed, and boy, it was like being hit with a hormonal sledgehammer.  I have found my focus is scatty at best, and I am just in a fog.

Has anyone else had this, how did they manage it?  Bearing in mind I am not on any ADHD meds, and can’t really due to bipolar.



There is a humongous connection between hormones and ADD symptoms, and overall brain functioning.  Best bet, I think, is to look for homeopathic help.  Best source I’ve found is to actually go to the health food/vitamin stores and ask for help.  I’ve found the employees, especially managers, mostly really know their stuff.  Also important to let your ob-gyn and psychiatrist know what you’re doing so they can offer support.  You may benefit from having a therapist around to help you navigate thru all your sympotomology.  Especially as you get pregnant and begin the journey of parenting.  Good luck and whatever you do, Don’t isolate yourself!!

Posted by Mommyre on Nov 02, 2013 at 11:28pm

Hi Mommyre, thank you yo much for your reply.  My friend has passed me the details of a good homeopath, so I will get in contact with her.

I have to let my psych know as soon as I am confirmed pregnant, because I have the Bipolar, and the psych and gynae have both agreed to communicate.  Apparently I will be put in touch with a local Bipolar and Pregnancy and womens specialist psychiatrist at the local university, which is good.  I haven’t been under psych supervision for nearly a year as my psych felt that I was stable and doing well, and I am a good bunny with self management, and get help straight away when things go awry, but it is nice that he has left me with an open door.

Just waiting to find out when I manage to get pregnant now.

It is good to know it was my hormones kicking in, not just me going mad!!

Thanks again for your reply, it’s nice not being alone!

Posted by Wuftytufty on Nov 04, 2013 at 1:07pm

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