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Single Parents Raising ADHD Children

How do you co-parent with an alcoholic?

My son is 8yr old. He was diagnosed at 6 with ADHD. I divorced his dad when he was 4. His dad recently found out he has ADD. Since our divorce it has been one trip after another to court regarding parenting time (2 hours each weekend at a park). His dad has been to treatment twice in the last year and detox 3 times. He can’t keep a job and is not a consistent presence in his son’s life. He saw him 8/52 weeks last year and this year he’s seen him thusfar 9/52. He’s had a DUI, a hit and run and a disorderly conduct charge. His dad’s a mess and despite his recent admission for treatment again I only see this as a short fix. Any suggestions?

P.S. We were assigned a GAL (Guardian Ad Litem) for our son recently and I would like to prove that his sporatic behavior is not healthy for our son with ADHD. Any suggestions where I could find documented information on this topic?


You can request criminal records from the courts involved. Your records of visitation should suffice - definately document dates he has missed visits. Is he required to send payment through the courts or state? If so you can log into your account to print what he has paid. A trip to a counselor for your son could get you a written evaluation of the emotional damage (anxiety) that may be occurring..and ongoing treatment wouldn’t be a bad idea either. However, by the mere fact you have a GAL you have theoretically already made your case for him being an unfit father. What is your end goal? Do you want to stop visitation? It seems to me if you do nothing you accomplish that - just don’t bring him. He will then have to petition the court and my guess is his type won’t follow through. Good luck. My ex calls everyday and sees him maybe once a month as I get around to accommodating his unlicensed, unparental butt.

Posted by GoDoAndBe on Jul 22, 2014 at 6:39pm

My end goal is no visitation at least for the time being. I never thought of having a GAL as already being ahead on my case. Interesting thought. I actually filed the motion and got the process going as its been 2 years since this temporary order has been issued and things have not changed. He’s more erratic and non-existent. I hope it goes my way. I have all the police reports and document every visit along with things he does or says that are inappropriate for an 8 yr old. As for child support that’s a different topic.He’s behind $10,000 and I am taking him to court for contempt. He claims he is mentally disabled and cannot work so he gets assistance from the state and filed for SSI disability. I don’t believe it. Its just another excuse to get out of paying child support. He claims he is chemically dependent and depressed. Just another reason I can use as to why he wouldn’t be a good co-parent for our son while he is battling his demons.

Posted by mel126 on Jul 22, 2014 at 6:46pm

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