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ADHD in Boys

How do you co-parent with an alcoholic?

My son is 8yr old. He was diagnosed at 6 with ADHD. I divorced his dad when he was 4. His dad recently found out he has ADD. Since our divorce it has been one trip after another to court regarding parenting time (2 hours each weekend at a park). His dad has been to treatment twice in the last year and detox 3 times. He can’t keep a job and is not a consistent presence in his son’s life. He saw him 8/52 weeks last year and this year he’s seen him thusfar 9/52. He’s had a DUI, a hit and run and a disorderly conduct charge. His dad’s a mess and despite his recent admission for treatment again I only see this as a short fix. Any suggestions?

P.S. We were assigned a GAL (Guardian Ad Litem) for our son recently and I would like to prove that his sporatic behavior is not healthy for our son with ADHD. Any suggestions where I could find documented information on this topic?


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