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ADHD in Boys

How many years are safe for Concerta?

My son is 16 and he has been on medication since he was 7. We have tried most of the ADD medications. We have had to switch from time to time because it seems to stop working after about a year. When he was in middle school he had a growth spurt and it caused the Ritalin to stop working. He tried Concerta and it only worked well when he was on 72ml a day. When he is not on the medication he gets really silly. I think its withdrawal. He says he is much happier without it but he knows he needs it for school and he’s worried he may say or do something to make the kids not like him. He just had an IEP meeting they said he is smart and he can do the work but his real problem is paying attention. Should I take him off the medication? I don’t know if I am hurting him by having him on medication so many years. He is really funny and he never gets in trouble but he has no real friend’s at school or church.


I think that is a question for your Child Psychiatrist.  Your son has been on medicine for a long time. You can always take a break over the summer or long holidays as a “trial”??

Posted by staypositive on Jan 31, 2014 at 12:57am

He has been to many different doctors including Psychiatrist because I was looking for one that knows a lot about ADD. They all seem to ask me what I want to do about the medicine and have no real answers. I usually take him off of it on long weekends and part of summers because it works better after he gets a break. But it takes months for the withdrawal to go away.

Posted by leslie 1 on Jan 31, 2014 at 2:28am

Hi Leslie 1 - I’m no expert, but I don’t there is a “withdrawal” from Concerta like you describe. Ritalin is a fast acting medicine (Concerta being a slow release form of it) and when it is in your system, it works.  When it’s not there, it doesn’t work.  Concerta only lasts @ 10 hours. (My son is on it too).

I think the “silliness” you are referring to is actually ADHD behaviour.  ADHD kids are typically 3 years behind in emotional development.  So my 14 year old son really acts like an 11/ 12 year old.  Add impulsivity and emotional regulation to the mix and our ADHD kids come across as quite immature.  So my question to you is: is it really withdrawal or is it just ADHD showing itself?

I am a big fan of Dr. Russell Barkley, the leading ADHD specialist in the U.S.  He has a wonderful and informative YouTube video titled “Essential Ideas for Parents”.  Just google it in YouTube to find it.  It is long but well worth watching.  I recommend it to every ADHD mom I know.  Very informative!

Hope my info. helps!

Posted by staypositive on Jan 31, 2014 at 7:24pm

Thanks for your help. I watched the video From Dr. Russell Barkley. It was very good.

Posted by leslie 1 on Feb 01, 2014 at 7:14am

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