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Parents of ADHD Children

How to start?

my son is always a bit off compared with other kids.  So I long suspect he may have ADHD or High Functioning Autism.  I did have him assessed by school district and his primary doctor when he was still in pre-school.  But doctor told me he is too young for anything.  School district told me he is too smart to qualify anything. So we have been “hang on” for a while.  Now, he is in 1st grade.  His grade is still very good ( above average in general ).  He calms down a lot thanks for the supplements.  He responses people very well.  But his shout out or walk away from desk finally get his teacher attention. So I guess it is about time to start the assessment again.

I am open with supplement, therapy treatments.  I like to have a full and in depth assessment include his IQ ( I suspect he is 2E kid ) ..etc before any decision is made by any doctor or psychologist.  I don’t like a doctor to prescribed a pill before fully understand my son. 

Where and how to start?  Should my son to see a development and behavior pediatric?  neuro pediatric?  child pshy?


Good for you to trust your instincts.  As a parent we know if something is “off.”

I researched in my city for a private clinic that does full academic and psychological assessments as well as treatment upon diagnosis.  Psychs, therapies, group workshops, resources, etc.  They will have both you and the teacher fill out questionnaires as well as assessing your son.

You will be surprised to learn you are definitely not alone, and will be able to find support groups if needed.

This can be expensive if insurance won’t pay.  But it is necessary to get a diagnosis at a young age.

It is a marathon, not a sprint.  Follow your instinct, don’t take no for an answer, keep at it until you have answers.  No matter how hard it is for you, it is harder for your child; remember it is about him.

Good luck!

Posted by Pdxlaura on Apr 12, 2014 at 8:46pm

Another place to start is to call your insurance company and find out what they will pay for.  You might find that they are very accommodating for certain things, and that could narrow down your choices (which are admittedly quite overwhelming at times).

Posted by BC on Apr 12, 2014 at 11:16pm

What you describe is a neuropsychoeducational evaluation. This is typically offered by a psych office. Be sure to choose one that specializes in ADHD.

My son was initially diagnosed by a Developmental MD, and it was not thorough and didn’t include any educational component. We later moved care to a behavioral health office (psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists) and have a full neuropsyhoeducational evaluation done. We found that my son is 2E, but also has Dysgraphia and Written Expression Disorder through this more in-depth evaluation.

ADDconnect Moderator & Mom to Tween Boy with ADHD and LDs

Posted by adhdmomma on Apr 14, 2014 at 4:25pm

thanks for everyone.  I will search for neuropsychoeducational evaluation in North bay area.  If you were in North bay area and have a recommonedation on neuropsychoeducational evaluation clinc, please let me know

Posted by Louisa_Leo on Apr 14, 2014 at 8:36pm

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