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ADHD at Work

Work.!?I didn't think I could do it bc of my ADHD... But I did :)

Hey Guys!
My best kid is; my son Noah… We both have been blessed by ADHD…
I have gained tremendous insight from the knowledge from this magazine & it’s liberating to know your not alone & not crazy, (but kind of still are wink
I’ll cut to the chase… I haven’t worked in over a year… Mostly due to my Angel’s increasingly aggressive behavioral problem & being single mom.. I hate having to ask for help or money for gas & food. I feel like I was I loosing my mind…bc I can’t understand… how do these people work & raise ADHD kids.. & they get it done…why can’t i…? Then I came across one of these “commission based internet business ” types.. It’s really legit ...I did ALL THE RESEARCH & got the more realistic facts.. It’s not a scam you have to put some effort in, but not much…my guy Colby is awesome… I was straight up about my ADHD & lack of social networking skills & how I have a hard time with it sometimes… He was is super cool.. He set it all up for & even kept me from lagging behind… Or shall i say caught me up from where I was lagging behind… There is not a lot of talking involved, but when i told him i get stuck on my words sometimes… he said No worries so he directs all my calls to his #.i .even told the guy I was giving him my last $100… With past due bills screaming at me…(but there are many other aspects of of this site to profit from..It’s perfect for the ADHD Brain, family & schedule which works for me BC I’m up all night stressed about everything..
There is more than one way to make money & save money on this site… I want to share it Bc it has given me a light to pay my bills..there is real $$ in this…home based business.. With a little effort, but I’m able to put the time at home… & any stressed unemployed or broke ADHD parent of an ADHD child knows the feeling, as if we are unable to control anything correctly… So that’s why I want to share this personally…. BC it’s helped me sooo much…& BC I’m serious about this… I wanted to get permission to give my website link… I honestly believe this info will help more than we realize ... I have been in a place where I felt nothing but worthless.. Bc it’s like my hands r tied… I can’t get a regular job bc my of the back & forth.with my angel & I haven’t been leading by example to teach my son the how we have to work to function in this life… It’s a sickening feeling not being able to provide for my family…
I am not mass marketing to any of you, I take that Buisness elsewhere bc there are so many places to do that… I just want to maybe take someone’s stress down a notch.. Bc one thing I have learned about this magazine…it brings people of all walks of life together to share there similar problems . So I will not list my link unless I get a request to do so… Maybe I lucked up with my rep trainer..  I hope this can work for some of you… Good luck to All!!!


Hay,  I’m really interested in your web site.

Posted by daaron31 on Nov 01, 2013 at 9:12pm

What’s the link?

Posted by erinfaz12 on Nov 01, 2013 at 11:23pm

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