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I finally spoke about it.

As I mentioned in the men’s thread. I took the courage and opened up to the therapist I go to for other family issue. I told her I want to fess up, we have known each other for years (my wife has dificult mental illness) but from what I see now from my 9 year old daughter officaly getting dignosed. I’m almost sure I have add. We spoke about it for a while. The first thing I will do is ask my daughters doctor which is a neurologist that has the new computer test and ask him if he would test an adult. 
The thing is, I’m living with it for almost 40 years so nothing is really changing over night and suddenly I’m so in to just wanting to know if I have it. And the more I read the more doudful I get. Is their anything worse I think? I know there is other mental illnesses but I’m not sue what it is.
Example: what make me the most worried, how in the world do people write they became doctors and who knows what? I can’t even finish a book with out lose attention after a short time I can’t remember what I bread. As I mentioned in the men’s thread. I hardly remember anything I learned from a book in school. I do remember how awful I felt by the way I was handled. Watched a few hundred kids go on to busses to go on a day trip and I wasn’t allowed because I got a 30 on muvtest.
Is this add or not?
I do understand I will need to go to a doctor for a dignoses and can meds help me?


Everyone’s a little different, so things that work for some won’t work for all.  The way ADD affects me is time has no meaning to me.  I struggle not to be late.  Organization has always been a puzzle.  I can try things but lose interest in a while.  I can’t always remember instructions at work.  I have a terrible time remembering names.  If I’m reading for fun and something I really want to read, I can sit down and read the whole book.  If I have to read something or it’s really technical or has a bunch of jargon in it, a half a chapter is all I can manage.  I think all of us have some kind of trouble with focus and attention.  I read somewhere that something like 40% have something else too, like learning disabilities or anxiety.  I don’t remember where I got that information, or if it is a credible source.  Oh yeah, I don’t remember details at the oddest times.

I diagnosed myself at 35, but got an official diagnosis at 49 when I almost lost my job.  I was put on a low dose of generic ritalin.  My body can not handle any higher dose.  It may take you awhile to find the right medicine and the right dosage.  It helps with focus and attention, but doesn’t fix anything.

Congratulations for taking the plunge and talking about ADD with the therapist.  Keep asking questions and learn as much as you can.  There is a genetic component to ADD so it is very possible you may have it.  One other thing, your daughter now qualifies for a 504 plan at school.  This is a legal document that gives your daughter accommodations based on what she needs to make school an equal playing field with her peers.  Most common are things like extra time if effort is shown for homework and tests, quiet area for testing, or preferential seating (up front or by the teacher).  Check with your school counselor and teacher if you think she needs things like that.  Try to help her learn how to budget her time.  That will help a lot as school gets harder.
Good luck and read through this website.  There’s a lot of wisdom here.

Posted by whizinc on Jan 03, 2014 at 12:00pm

Thank you so much, for your input.
I can relate to the reading thing. I can’t stop reading this site right now but at times, I start reading books, letters artical’s and just have to stop I can’t anymore I get a

My daughter is in a very good place. She is in a special school and class room where the teachers are trained to deal with children with learning difficulties.  And she is extremely happy.  And so am I smile

Posted by caringman on Jan 03, 2014 at 10:15pm

Hey. I was just officially diagnosed at 37.. Makes me wonder what I could have done with my life. I have issues with reading as well. Sometimes I’m not even sure if I’m reading English and have to ask my partner to clarify things for me. I’d say you’ll feel better after the official diagnoses but I think there’s a down before an up. At least that’s what Ive experienced. I understand how you felt. I was held back in grade school and didn’t even finish high school. I went to college as a mature student and I have a good job so I’m happy for that. I’m glad you’re daughter will have the support she needs.

Posted by Jensjen on Jan 11, 2014 at 3:00am

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