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ADHD at Work

In Need of Professional Organizer in St Louis Area

Hello everyone,

After working with a new senior minister for almost a full year, she has noticed various issues with me that make her believe that I have issues with both anxiety and ADHD. (Note: I haven’t gotten diagnosed yet, but after studying the symptoms, it’s hard for me to argue with her.)

The main thing she is requiring me to do is to find and work with a professional organizer or administrative mentor, someone to help me get my desk and office in better working order. I’ve looked on Google and can’t seem to find anything and I’m getting very frustrated about this. Does anyone know where I can look for someone like this in the St. Louis, MO area?

Thank you all so much in advance…



Hi ghwriter,

If you’re struggling with more than just your physical desk, you may want to look into working with an ADHD Coach. We are trained to work with affected individuals and help them to improve things like: procrastination, disorganization, poor time – management, we follow – through, and having too much on their plate. Our job is to help you better understand your strengths and what your already good at, and to apply those area of strength to the areas where you’re challenged. You can find a well-trained coach at, and search by specialty. Mist of us work I’ve the phone or internet, so location is less important than finding someone well-trained, and with whom your personality meshes.

Try to search the NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) for professionals in your area. If you can find one who understands ADHD, you’ll be much better off. We ADDers tend to organize information a little differently than the rest of the population, and dont always do well when we try to squeeze ourselves into other people’s systems.

Best of luck!

Lynne A. Edris, ACG
Life & ADD Coach

Posted by ADD_Coach_Lynne on May 07, 2014 at 11:49pm

I hope I can help. I am a professional organizer with much experience helping my ADD clients.  I specialize in offices and paper.  I live in Maryland but work virtually with clients all over the country via Skype.  Please visit my Skype services page to learn more about the process:  I recently was interviewed on Attention Talk Radio about how to creatively organize a space for folks with ADD.  You can listen here:

Please reach out if you have any questions.  I’d love to help!
- Kacy Paide
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Posted by OfficeOrganizerKacy on May 08, 2014 at 1:54am

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