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Inattentive ADHD

Inattentive accomodations at work?

Long story but i work in an industry where being a few minutes late is a big deal (not necessarily to my personal position and ability to get my work done, but in the culture of the organization - so everyone must follow the same rules).

After a lot of consultation, discussion, etc., I am documenting at work.

Has anyone else done this and if so, what type of accomodations are typical? I am PT at 30 hrs so I do come in later most days but still not making it many days. (I’m not 30 min late, but often 10-15)...
Other ideas?
I have a very supportive boss & EAP but need to find some ideas as I am Inattentive NOT hyperactive.



I am also inattentive ADD without hyperactivity.

About 15 years ago, I was much like you describe. I had a good job, the people I supported like my work and dedication. I rarely left on time and would stay as late as I needed to get the job done.

Here is the problem… Perception is an unfair monster. Other co-workers notice when you are 5 minutes late, especially if it is a fairly common occurrence. Nobody seems to notice that you worked 2 hours late every day, but they notice the five minutes late and make sure everyone else knows it too.

This “Perception” thing really used to hack me off. Then I realized how stressed out I was in the mornings rushing around and trying to get to work on time.

Then it hit me… The solution was so easy. Since I seemed to be 5-10 minutes late every day, I moved my morning start time up by 30 minutes. I have a very ritualized morning routine, which helps me know if I’m running on time.

I am an ADDer how is always on time to work, unless something really crazy happens. My mornings are much less stressful and the new “Perception” of me is one that is usually 10 minutes Early to work.


Posted by Distracted1 on Dec 10, 2013 at 10:30pm

I have the same problem.  I am late nearly every morning but I work through most lunches and I am here at 6:15 tonight, while everyone else left at 5:00.  No one sees how late I stay.  I give the organization far more than I receive, but yes, perception is a big deal, as is conformity.  I begin every morning feeling like a looser because I cannot conform; yet, I cannot make it on time.  It makes no sense.  It should not be this difficult to get someplace on time.  I, too, would appreciate any and all suggestions.  Thank you.

Posted by kjh on Dec 11, 2013 at 5:20am

Thank you both - it is good to know i am not alone in this.
The morning routine could use some work for me but really it seems that no matter what i do (clocks ahead, clothes ready night before, snacks & bag ready) & my son out the door, I still struggle.
I am not a morning person to start with, and sleep often gets screwed up because i fall asleep when i put my son to bed, wake up & then have to work for 2 hrs to get ready for the next day. I am trying to do less of that.
My son also has Asperger’s and ADD (combined type), secondary to the Asperger’s so we do have a routine (even picture boarded for him) but unplanned distractions come up often. Today he told me he put on his boots and told me that he was completely ready to go—i was upstairs to get something and came down, keys in hand, to find him shoveling the front walk and without his coat. He ran to get his coat, i started the car, and discovered that he had not put his belongings in the car as he said (& i reminded) so i had to go back in twice to get things.

So this is a complicating factor, but I also struggle on my own. After he leaves, it doesn’t matter how prepared I am. I apparently have a gene that prevents me from being early for anything LOL. I see that i’m 15 min ahead and grab one more thing on my way out the door. I’m getting better at this but it is a struggle.

It is not an excuse, but even my boss (once I talked with her about this) was understanding and sounded relieved to know that I AM working on it - seeing a therapist and working through the documentation process. My office is separate from the other related departments so I don’t actually have people who see me come & go daily but it is important to be consistent in enforcing the regulations - unless there is a good reason not to - which is why I am at this point. I am going to continue to work on ways to change my routines & behaviors but having the documentation in place will be helpful in taking away that feeling of uneven enforcement. Yes, it will be inconsistent from the rest of the group, but there will be a valid reason for that.
This is why I’m looking for ideas of wording and/or things I may not think about that others have done. I get the sense that this is rare though (a good thing!).

Posted by gusmom on Dec 12, 2013 at 8:31pm

The only answer to this that I have found useful has to do with making changes to the way you do things.

If the estimated commute to work is 45 minutes, then I make it an hour and plan my morning routine from that point.

When I really thought about how my days started, I had only to look at how I ended the day before.  Did I have my clothes pick out and ready to go?  Did I remember to gas up the car on my way home?  These became things that I had to start doing in order for my mornings to get off to a good start.

Being late to work is not a good thing when other employees can get there on time or early.  I began getting there up to 20 minutes early, which worked out great.  I had time to grab a cup of coffee, get to my desk and get things in order to start my day.

Use your tools to get this done.  Set alarms so that you tend to the matters that matter.  Establish firm evening and morning routines so that you are not sidetracking yourself and causing your own lateness.  Being late for work is just not a good thing.

Posted by Dianne in the Desert on Feb 04, 2014 at 5:41am

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